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Editorial #44 Societal Demise LB 167+504 Feb. 21, 2019

Editorial #44 Social Decay Feb 21, 2019

With almost universal agreement from anyone who is involved with and/or cares about their community, the common remark about what they see in society today is: “How can things seem to be so bad and dysfunctional?”  How did we get to a point where anti-patriotic actors become heroes with practically every TV show and movie centered on non-conventional family situations where alternative life styles are glamorized?  Then anyone openly criticizing or condemning this is re-characterized as racist, homophobic or sexist with any reference to religion or God grounds for disqualification for public office and declared unconstitutional on the grounds of separation between church and state.

The constant pressure to keep these issues in the forefront seems to be the only purpose in life for those who want to destroy our fundamental family values and the history with which we grew up.  These efforts to move away from traditional values is causing a multitude of unintended consequences that penetrates to the very foundation of our constitutional republic.

For example, the need to introduce a bills requiring Civics be taught in our public schools is incredible.  It makes as much sense as a law requiring us to eat and sleep each day.  These are standard procedures for living in a society with its foundation based on a system of laws that are fair, truthful and sustainable with integrity.

Proposals like LB 167 and LB 504 makes it illegal to interfere with or influence gender identity and usurp the rights of parents to know what public schools are teaching our children and gradually infiltrating into our legal system.   These are attempts to convert our thinking and customs into tolerating and excepting behavior that is extreme, resulting in the comments mentioned at the beginning of this editorial….”How can things seem to be so bad and dysfunctional?”

This is the result of political correctness and its influence on every aspect of our society.  A remark that is becoming more common and made as a result of political correctness is: “Don’t you know it is rude to talk about politics or religion?”

Since no one wants to be considered rude, the result is conversation about all the dysfunctionalities and ills of our society.  Influences from social media then surface resulting in topics that are weird or outrageous that become the center of conversation.  Then the complaining starts about how bad things are, with no constructive action items expressed because it makes people feel uncomfortable and thought to be intrusive, especially for the “snowflakes”.  This is the problem!

Whoever says that no one should talk about politics or religion they are doing a grave disservice to their family, friends, associates and society.  It results in all the incredible things at which we shake our head asking: “Why is this happening?”  The answer is: “Because we are letting it happen by not confronting it!”

We the people of this state are the “second house” in our State legislature.  With that title we are all obligated and have the responsibility to occasionally go to the Nebraska Legislature Website to review bills, contact our senators and to make sure those bills do not infringe on our core values of fairness, truthful, sustainability and integrity.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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