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Editorial #43 Climate Change aired Feb. 19, 2019

Editorial # 43 Climate Change February 19, 2019

With the ever increasing number of candidates entering the race to run against President Trump in 2020, there is a battle for which ideas will gain the most support.  With the economy a non-starter for Democrats, there are numerous trial balloons being launched. The list of issues goes from social justice, race reform, gender identity, health care, abortion, income inequality to environmentalism.  Logically, for any candidate to win on any issue, they must pick a message that is of major concern for the most voters in order to have a prayer of winning.

The issue that seems to be winning, in the eyes of the liberal elite anyway, is environmentalism with the “Green New Deal” the case in point.  Why is that?

It is the least understood issue that resonates with the most people as everyone wants a clean world but few know how to achieve it, assuming it is dirty in the first place. It is the easiest wealth redistribute tool and provides jobs for fixing a problem that doesn’t exist.  It also provides a way to justify approaches that are unstainable, untested, difficult to measure, long ranging, anti-capitalistic and emotional with the fear of missing the opportunity, before it is too late, easy to sell.  This is the perfect recipe for any liberal agenda to use to advance their agenda of population control and socialism.

Having studied and worked on environmental issues for a third of my career, the realization of the climate changing is apparent. The climate has been changing for thousands of years with the fluctuation of glaciers, sea levels along with temperature variations well documented and not just a recent phenomenon.  The only change in the last 100 years is the attribution of these changes to the industrialization of the world.  In other words, blaming it on anthropologic influences known as Man Made Global Warming.

The evidence and data regarding global warming has not changed over the 40 years I have watch the issue with that data we used to study climate consistent since the beginning of recordings.  The only conclusion that can be made is: “The environment is always changing”. The difference is the propaganda and indoctrination that fans emotions in a society that is ill-informed and susceptible to fake news now more than ever.

The engineering principle: “Coincidence does not prove Causation” has been completely ignored by radical environmentalist and “Tree Huggers”.  I love trees as much as anyone and we should all our part and be careful with all our natural resources.  But to place complete blame on human civilization is dishonest, illogical and scientifically corrupt. 75% of all greenhouse gas is water vapor and dust.  Carbon Dioxide and methane make only about 20% of all greenhouse gas with 90% of that naturally occurring.  The only contribution from humans to the greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide and methane both of which are infinitesimal.

If our biosphere surrounding the planet were an Olympic size swimming pool, the contribution of Green House Gases made by human influences would be equal to pouring a can of beer into the pool….not significant enough to require doubling the cost of the cleaning pool system to filter out the beer.  The lesson is simple. Don’t pour beer or pee in the pool, but it is not worth doubling our taxes to filter it out if someone does.

The thinking that man is a major contributor to climate change is like the rooster believing his crowing makes the sun rise.  Like the rooster, the cause of climate change has nothing to do with man nor is there any evidence that proves humans are the cause. There are only coincidences that have no logical links to cause and effect.

The scientific community ignores the conclusions and explanations about climate change.  It is very important to have a perpetrator to blame, the rich fortune 500 Companies whom they want to extort to pay the expense.  Variations in Greenhouse gas content has almost nothing to do with the changes happening on earth.  The only things that happens inside our biosphere that could affect climate are huge meteorites and volcanoes.  Our climate is almost completely influenced by the variation in the solar flux cycles that takes place on the surface of the sun.  These changes occur over decades and have been happening for millions of years.  There is no other logical explanation for glaciers, sea level changes or temperature variations that have been occurring since the beginning of time, long before humans came on to the scene.

The bottom line is the “green new deal” or any climate legislation impacting energy generation, air travel, rebuilding of structures, cow flatulents, environmental measurements or controls designed to stop any variations in our climate is a complete hoax and waste of money that only redistributes money to do things that expands bureaucracies and is classic for politicians who are looking for a parade to stand in front of so they can call themselves a leader.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.


Keith Kube, from Northeast Nebraska, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management. The books are available at most District 40 libraries, the Elkhorn Valley Museum, Norfolk City Library, Norfolk High School, Norfolk Catholic, Northeast Community College and Amazon.

During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlooked that are vital for all successful business operations and government.  You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website:

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