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Editorial #41 Nonpartisan Ballot LB 72+211 Feb 12, 2019

Editorial #41 Nonpartisan Ballots February 12, 2019

The function of our government is to do only three things: Provide security, Provide infrastructure and make laws that protects our personal rights in our Constitutional Democratic Republic. As simple as these three items appear to be, there is a constant attempt by our elected politicians (who are not our leaders, by the way) to constantly try to give more of our tax dollars away by voting for things that are outside of their constitutional job description of providing security, infrastructure and only make laws to keep things fair.
The most dangerous organization in any government is a mob of people who are incited to do things none would ever consider doing individually. Lynching is the most explicit example but the riots over perceived social injustices seems to give permission to do outrageous things to advance their agenda.
These mobs are usually latent in our society with a causes like the environmentalism, racism, homophobia or religious freedom unifying elements. These causes are on both side of the political spectrum with the dividing line being liberal or conservative. These groups don’t always develop into civil unrest but when the right set of circumstances come together, very bad things can happen.
Liberalism by definition is dynamic in its causes that inspires action to completely change things as compared to conservatism that has a more static approach with the desire keep things as they are, to go slowly and carefully and not throw the baby out with the bath water.
For any cause to succeed it is necessary for large numbers of people to be united in their message for the movement to have any possibility of success. This unity works very well if the majority of elected officials have the same party affliction and beliefs. This tendency has evolved into political teams, without uniforms, to become what we know as democrats and republicans.
This leads to a silent movement that is even more insidious and destructive. It is the attempt to eliminate the designation of political parties on the voting ballot. This approach now applies to elections for the state legislature where the primary ballot has all candidates from all parties on each respective ballot. LB72 and LB211 proposed by Senators Matt Hansen and Sue Crawford to have the same concept for county positions. The result is a general election with candidates do not expose their true colors of their respective party, not allowing voters to know if a candidates represents their personal preference of a conservative or liberal position. The elimination of party designation gives a general election with the possibility of having no candidate representing your personal party platform.
This literally means there can be two members of your opposing team pretending to on your side with no candidate representing your personal point of view. This is like a Trojan Horse in the voting booth with no one representing your personal preferences for whom to vote.
Liberals love the idea of no party designation for any candidate, because it allows their liberal agendas to sneak into office without being fully vetted as to where they stand on issues like abortion, Electro College, education, environmentalism or gun control. The only way they can win on these issues is to side step the filter most voters use in determining for whom they want to vote, are they a democrat or a republican?
The solution is simple. Have each candidate’s party affiliation, of “D” “R” “L” or “I” shown after their name on the all ballots to give some indication as to how an individual, with little or no name recognition, generally thinks or believes. This gives some assurance that the voters are not being tricked into voting for someone who has little in common with your core values to represent you.
This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.
Keith Kube, from Northeast Nebraska, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management. The books are available at most District 40 libraries, the Elkhorn Valley Museum, Norfolk City Library, Norfolk High School, Norfolk Catholic, Northeast Community College and Amazon.
During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlooked that are vital for all successful business operations and government.

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