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Editorial #334 “The True Cost of Wars Not Fought” aired on November 9, 2021

Editorial #334 The True Cost of Wars not Fought

The desire for peace and harmony is universal.  But to have peace we must be willing fight for it. Political correctness works very hard to make this fact sound like a contradiction.  Political correctness is the ‘Trojan Horse’ used to legislate, indoctrinate or litigate our constitutionally provided freedoms out of existence.

Situational ethics, abortion, massive welfare spending, equity, not equality, diversity, inclusion and gender identity are spawned to confuse, re-characterize and upend traditions, customs, patriotism and morality.

Their strategy is to make compassion, fairness and civility appear to be the trademark of their movement.  Their lies are injected into the public forum by collusion with the media, academia, deep state government and some well-funded church ministries.

Any sense of logic is democratized by suspending truth based only on beliefs of the majority, not scientifically derived facts.

This mob rule approach to logic allows climate change, gender fluidity, BLM, the pandemic, Antifa and abortion, to become acceptable cultural components.  With these lies in place civilized culture implodes, returning to pagan savagery, desperate survival tactics and utter chaos.

Advancement is available only to the elite who condemn all our core values they trumpet, attacking anyone who wants patriotism, peace, liberty, harmony and a wholesome family existence.

The adage “never talk about politics or religion” is the first commandment of the ‘political correctness’ war that is always prefaced with the plea for: ‘Civility’; ‘Let’s agree to disagree’; ‘Let’s all get along’; ‘It is not nice to say things that offend me’.

These battle cries speed up the transformation of a patriotic nations to a totalitarian empire.  They are all the cries of the cowards who use a Trojan horse strategy, quietly re-program young minds to pervert the values and traditions upon which our country was founded.

They are the metro sexual conformists too physically weak to fight, unless in a group of like-minded people who will shoot down any opposition. All who follow are cowards voluntarily identifying as slaves in the freest country in the world, agreeing that everything they have comes from the government. ……back to the mob rule of democracy!

The true cost of not fighting this war is the destruction of the greatest nation in the world.

We will eventually be forced into fighting this war by becoming the most dangerous foe to confront: the one who has nothing to lose.  This will be the tipping point where the cowards who were not fighting before will become embolden warriors when we suddenly find they are losing everything.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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