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Editorial #318 “Did This Really Help?” aired on September 14, 2021

Editorial #318 Did This Really Help?

Incredible as the year 2020 was with the pandemic, climate change, the election results, discrimination, poverty and the rampant government spending, 2021 is on track to rival it. This fake reality is being shoved in our face, saying things will get worse if we don’t spend more to confront these threats that many see as contrived.

Where did the trillions of dollars to address these concerns go? Where is the barometer that shows things are improving? Is there any progress being made to alleviate any of these fabricated dangers? The REAL dangers is the ‘Trojan Horse’ of illegal immigration which is quietly exacerbates, poverty, discrimination and racism not to mention national security, while providing millions of voters who seem to care little about this country when they are bribed.

After almost two years of this pandemic, what good has come from shutting down the economy, mask wearing, vaccine shots and social distancing?  What evidence shows any reduction in infections when the CDC continues to put out public service announcements saying we should do more of the same as things may get worse? Has anything improved if protocol continues to require more extreme precaution and the possibly needing a booster shots?  The hospitals never filled up, which was the initial reason Americans accepted the TWO WEEK shutdown.

In 2019, the total number of deaths in the United State was practically identical to 2020, after all un-natural deaths from military casualties, murder, suicide, over doses and accidents were subtracted.  Where are the 500,000 covid-19 deaths if Covid-19 is so deadly?  It also appears that deaths from pneumonia, SARS and the flu were magically cured by the Covid-19 virus.

Since 1999 about $20 Trillion has been spent on reducing carbon emissions. In 2020 the man-made CO2 measurements were the smallest this century because of the pandemic shut the country down. This should have resulted in 2021 being the quietist climate year in the last 50, if man-made CO2 was the true cause of climate change! What effect has all that research, money and work on controlling the climate had if violent weather patterns continue to increase?

In 2020 Donald Trump received over 74 million votes. Joe Biden received over 81 million votes in the same election for president.  How is it possible for Trump to receive more votes than were ever received in history, only to be defeated in that same election by a candidate who didn’t campaign, drew no crowds, generated no excitement and never came out of his basement; yet this non-campaign method resulted in surpassing Trump’s record breaking amount by 7 million votes?

The United States has spent over $25 Trillion on anti-poverty measures since 1960’s great society program, yet the amount of poverty in the country continues to rise. Where did all that money go? Why are the people who are screaming for continued extortion of our tax dollars to alleviate poverty, becoming much wealthier?

This country has spent another $25 Trillion reducing terror since September 11, 2001 with the result of almost 3000 of our soldiers killed.  The poorly planned departure from Afghanistan left over $80 billion dollars’ of our equipment that will be used to kill our soldier who are trying to rescue hundreds and maybe thousands of Americans and allies left behind.  There seems to be little effort by Biden to rescue the equipment, much less the people.  Why are planes carrying refugees almost solely filled with young Afghan men of fighting age?  Why are these able bodied Afghan men not vetted for Covid-19 or told to wear masks, but given beds, money and scattered around our major cities.

In all these circumstances, doing nothing would seem to be smarter, easier, cheaper, safer and more prudent.  What mental deficiency and arrogance are we enabling, by wasting all this money and human lives with nothing to show for it?
Stupidity and incompetence are defined as continuing to do the same thing expecting different results.  Treason is defined as continuing to do things that destroys the country.  In both cases the results are exactly the same.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best at making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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