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Editorial #314 “Verification vs Revelation” aired on August 19, 2021

Editorial #314 Verification vs Revelation

I recently toured Paris and the villages on way to the Normandy coast of France. These charming little towns were suddenly sucked into a world war on D-Day, June 6, 1944 that changed the face of history.

These beaches and battle fields still show the wounds from 80 years ago, that are still wet with the memory of the blood and guts of son and daughters, uncles and brothers. They will never experience the joys of growing up, have a family and have the privilege of living in the Greatest Country in the World, for which they gave their all.

It is beyond comprehension, seeing these battle fields where thousands of human being, of which many were blood relatives, stood face to face trying to kill each other.

These events, costing millions of lives, were not isolated incidents that suddenly occurred one quiet morning.  They were brewing for decades and the result of seemingly unrelated events that gradually infected an ever larger part of their society.

We all want the same thing: a peaceful co-existence, the right to live, worship and be self-sufficient, guided by the Golden Rule and the Ten Commandments…..or do we?

These places and events confirms the history we all learned in school.  It brings to life the horrors of such depravity and destroys any doubt such atrocities could ever happen, much less happen in the Twentieth Century.

After seeing these place and hearing the stories from ‘The War’, one can’t help but notice parallels with current events that are also unbelievable with the same apathetic thinking that this could never happen in the United States.

These tours verify and validate things found in history books.  But it would be an insult to history to not see the parallels.  Do we have the conviction to carry out our ancestor’s vow to never let it happen again?

The similarities not only verify but reveal where this could lead. Differences between any two events are numerous and of little value. Only consistencies, showing patterns are of any use to history, science and the continuation of a civilized society.   

History shows pictures of people being told to wear certain items of clothing (masks?), being restricted from areas without certain paperwork (vaccine passports?), gatherings denied if contrary to certain agendas (closing places of worship?), ethnic groups identified as problematic (BLM and Antifa?), restricting travel or allowing only certain business to operate (allowing big corporations to bypass regulations that destroys independent small businesses?), orchestrate phony insurrections and criminalizing legitimate questions about election integrity are all examples of modern times replicating history.  Only the names and circumstances have changed.

If we dilute history and allow it to be revised, without noting these parallels, it WILL happen again.  If we do not acknowledge these similarities we are the proverbial frog in the gradually warming pot of water.

We must confront the danger of being gradually boiled to death while we still can.  Our culture is marinating in this gradually warming pot of water.  Seeing these parallels is the only way to keep the vow of “Never Again”.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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