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Editorial #311 “Difference Between Spending and Investing” aired on August 17, 2021

Editorial #311 Difference Between Spending and Investing

The old liberal mantra “never let a good disaster go to waste” is in full affect with way the media constantly reporting the unusual weather patterns and the pandemic.  Problems that have existed from the beginning of time with; security, poverty and our health are all constants along with death and taxes.

There is common denominator to all these problems.  It is not money but how the money is handled in deal with these problems: it is either invested or spent depending on the economic system of the decision makers.

Capitalists know money is created by investing into things and people to fixes problems.  One’s wages is an investment in the employee that gives back more than the cost of the problem, the employee is hired to fix.  You will not be paid $15 per hour at McDonald’s to fill orders if it can be automated for $10 per hour. But you could be paid $9 per hour if you always show up, and can do the job for less than a computerized robot costs to operate.

Socialists thinking is never logical, and uses symptoms to make money.  They set up bureaucracies looking for victims, never addressing the problem.  Their only solution is to throw money at the symptom, which ensures the problem never goes away. Socialism always fails because it is not sustainable, costing more to operate than the goods it provides.

The victims of socialism are bribed into living with their problems.  The money always comes from those who work in the capitalist system.  This system always gives a false choice to the tax payer by saying things will be much worse if we don’t give the victims money so they don’t riot, costing more than the price to ‘pay them off’.  The socialist bureaucrats always have two problems:  running out of people with money and knowing they will be out of a job if they solve the problem because they will run out of victims.

There was considerable criticism for a couple of very rich entrepreneur who love flying.  They spent Billions to fly into space because they could.  The feat was remarkable but the illogical socialists complained the money should be given to the poor to eliminate poverty.  They were too stupid to realize that is exactly what Branson and Bezos were doing.

They were teaching people ‘how to fish’ and not just ‘giving them a fish’.  Kennedy’s goal of putting a man on the moon spawned the entire computer industry and the marvels of technology in our society.  These inventions from the space program evolved into solving problems, raising our standard of living that amazed even those who were bringing these inventions to life.

Anyone who says this money should be given to the poor is destine to be poor and a hindrance on society. The truly sad part is the liberals who think this way, fail to realize they have the two problems that are unsustainable. This explains why they are never satisfied.  Trillions was spent on trying to eliminate poverty over the decades, only making poverty worse because all they know is: how to steal fish from a capitalist and give it to a socialist, never realizing their victims should learn how to fish.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in knowing that you are part of the solution and not the problem.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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