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Editorial #310 “The Whole World is a Stage” aired on August 3, 2021

Editorial #310 The Whole World is a Stage

If we look closely, evolution explains everything.  We all know about the food chain, the top predictor, a keystone species and the affect it has, if anything is changed. ‘Survival of the fittest’ is nature’s way to keep everything in balance, from the food chain to social behaviors and morality.

This process is constant with the best always surviving, eventually.  If the system becomes unbalanced or dysfunctional in any way, natural selection prevails with only the fittest behavior surviving because they did not violate the laws of physics, chemistry or biology. We are of those who were better able to adapt to the tribulations of life. Nature is cruel and unforgiving but fair and honest.  Nothing that is not logical survives, for long.

There is always a controlling force or ‘a keystone species’ in all the world’s systems. Studies have shown when ‘keystone species’ like wolves, bass, wild dogs, sea otters, star fish, or numerous other species, were eliminated in given regions, it caused the collapse of a sustainable, balanced ecosystem. It is astonishing how fast these blighted areas rebalance and recovered when the ‘Keystone species’ was reintroduced.

In the limit, God is the ‘keystone species’ in our universe.  When political correctness and the deep state tries to replace God as the ‘keystone species’, they do it with the audacity to consider themselves a worthy replacement for God.  We are experiencing this evolution at a break neck speed with technology imposing a culture of immediate gratification because instantaneous is not fast enough.

Shakespeare said “the whole world is a stage and we are the actors”.  We are these actors who are being hijacked with propaganda scripts in this production called ‘Life’.  These plots are being played out with ‘wrong’ being ‘right’ and ‘evil’ being called ‘good’ with story lines like that of “Animal Farm” or “1984”.

God’s system is perfect, but our ‘free will’, which is not perfect, is always in effect.  That ‘free will’ determines the script of our ‘character’ in the ‘play of life’.  It is constantly fighting against entropy, also part of God’s law, where everything evolves to its most random or chaotic state.  Our objective in life is to slow this chaos.  That is why your garage is mess.  It is not your fault, it is entropy…..the constant battle between organization and chaos!

All the platitudes we, learned: “there is no free lunch”, “this, too, shall pass”, “it’s darkest just before dawn”, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and “only the fit survive” are timeless truths learned through history in God’s tapestry of our earthly existence. This is why we have two parents to raise our ‘God-given’ children to repeat His lessons.  It is all part of His plan. Marriage between a man and a woman to fulfill His directive: “go forth and multiply”.

All the dysfunctionality we see in the world is from efforts to eliminate God as the keystone species by rejecting scientific principles recorded in: biology, math, physics, chemistry and economics.  This explains all the perversions of common sense and objective truth by imposing nihilism upon humanity to have us respond like beasts.  They hide among us under the censorship from the deep state media, silencing anyone who threatens to expose them. They use abortion, faux discrimination and illegal immigration to dilute or eliminate dissenters by using them as prey in their rituals. They take the most vulnerable, perfectly formed and healthy for unspeakable perversions in prostitution, human trafficking and the selling of body parts.

Hilbert said: “nothing can be hidden from eventual truth and knowledge”.  This is comforting because it means God’s plan is self-correcting and assuring that the most fair, truthful, sustainable ways will prevail, but we must continue to worship God as our ‘keystone species’, doing His will to keep our beautiful world in a sustainable place.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.   Check his website for past editorials.

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