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Editorial #263 “A Rose by Any Other Name” aired on March 4, 2021.

Editorial #263 A Rose by Any Other Name

The political correctness movement along with the fake systemic racism continues to spawn more hypocrisy that undermines our core values. This hypocrisy of the “Equity” movement (whatever that means) has infected the media, advertising, movies, social and political discourse. It exacerbates a racist agenda in an attempt to gain political, social or economic advantages under the disguise of advancing social justice. The old adage applies: “Follow the money” explains their corrupt agenda.

With any complaint or demonstration we must ask what problem are they really trying to solve? Too often there is no real problem nor any answer that would satisfy their demands. Instead, it is used to find more victims to advance their narrative by telling their followers the government will fix their perceived injustices.

There is no altruism in any of these “awareness” movements. They are done solely in an effort to compromise our core values of fairness and integrity. Rioters have nothing to lose. They will rob, loot and destroy, then those same criminals will apply for jobs rebuilding the very property they destroyed while enjoying the stuff they stole. It is a cruel wealth redistribution game used by those who care little for the country or the economy.

Nothing can justify past sins of our ancestor by rioting and looting. None of those past sins can ever be undone. No amount of money, new laws or retribution from the relatives of those oppressors will ever fix their grievance. It is never enough. No matter what solution or approach is used, it only buys time between excuses to riot again. Ironically, solving the problem would eliminate the purpose for their existence.

Any anti-discrimination movement is discriminatory. Today’s heightened sense of discrimination would never tolerate: “White History Month”, White Lives Matter, Men’s History Month, The Congressional White Caucus, White European Heritage Month, Prostate Cancer Awareness, Straight and Heterosexual Pride Month, Republican or Democrat Men’s Forum or Men’s Realtor Association as groups to be recognized or honored.

The movement to change the names of team mascots because it is offensive to various ethnic groups is the latest hoax. It has gone so far as to say it is offensive to animals if terms like chicken, snake, rat, weasel or cow are used in derogatory ways. Using words like watermelon or fried chicken in a sentence, have cost broadcasters their job because of racial insensitivity. It has come to the point of using gender pronouns like man, woman or married is call discriminatory and to be removed from legal jargon. Now the word “Trump” is being attacked in this cancel culture lunacy.

Of all the problems in the world to address, these fake claims of being offended because of certain words is the results of misplaced values and snowflake mentality.

“Sticks and stones my break my bones but words will never harm Me.” no longer apply to those in the political correctness movement of finding discrimination under every stone. Rush Limbaugh joked about a faux headline that describes how the media would spin any opportunity to promote discrimination during a tragedy: “World will end tomorrow! Women, children and blacks most affected.”

These trends were too ridiculous to be taken seriously before with the oppressed population only 13% black, 5% homosexual, 3% Native American with 90% of all men and women thinking it is a joke to eliminate gender pronouns.

The movement to change mascot names will soon be coming to a school board near you, by using these minority groups as a tool. It is not about being offended, but a way to extort money from school districts, if they refuse to bow to their demands to change the name so it does not hurt their feelings.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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