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Editorial #250 “What is Truth?” aired on January 14, 2021

Editorial #250 What is Truth?

The definition of truth has been debated by philosophers, lawyers and politicians for over 5000 years. Their definition distorts real truth to fit their paradigm. Human perspective and relativism is used to cloud any possibility of a consistent, accurate and usable definitions. This contrivance shows the deep state believes only in their truth and not facts because truth is how they define it. Their mantra is: “The ends justifies the means.”

Benjamin Franklin said: “I will compromise my principles but never my core value.” To have such conviction, the actual definition of truth, fairness, sustainability and integrity must be clarified, starting with truth.

In science courses like math, physics or chemistry the definition of truth is absolute, and not debatable with no regard for consciences. Truth only exists in the past because of conclusive evidence. Theorems or theories only exist in the future where no evidence is found showing something to be false, yet. Two plus two in base ten mathematics always equals four with no possibility of compromising on five or any other number.

Political science, history, language and all the other social sciences exist in the world of human conventions and theory. These are the humanities, where information is contrived, subject to interpretation, changed and revised with the mob rule of democracy used to claim consciences. They conveniently add or ignore information that proves their theory wrong, disguising the real tested truth. This is the perfect environment for propaganda to spawn the evil that plagues the world today. Man-made climate change, abortion, discrimination, sex education programs, the pandemic, socialism and the validity of the election all exist in this gray area of subjectivity and politically correct theory that does not permit data that proves them wrong.

The platitude: “the end justifies the means” allows their truth to use situational ethics and political correctness to advance a dishonest agenda. Absolute truth is their enemy. Their cause is much more important than any real truth. They don’t care about the country. They only care about power with real truth their biggest obstacle. They know they can’t fool all the people all of the time, but if they lie enough times and if no one challenges them, time is on their side.

We must resist the temptation of propaganda, called political science, by applying the other three core values. The real truth about what is happening in our country will be severely tested over the next few weeks. Our apathy is what they are counting on to keep us from stopping them.

The other components of our core values will be defined in future commentaries, regardless of what happens. The next few weeks are going to truly test the core values our forefather used to build this great country.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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