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Editorial #234 “Blessings of Global Warming” aired on November 26, 2020

Editorial #234 Blessings of Global Warming

This day of Thanksgiving is meant to be a time in which we express appreciation for all the blessing we have received.
Praise the Lord that we were fortunate to be born in this country. That automatically put us in the top 5% of all the people in the world with our standard of living, prosperity and security.

In spite of all the gloom and doom expressed by environmental extremist, the world has not been cleaner over the past 75 years, than now. All advances in technology in history occurred during warming periods. The dark ages were not dark. They were cold. The world is naturally warming, allowing more food to be raised, now, than any time in history. All we can do in pray that it is not wasted or used as a political tool.

We are graced with a system of government that is the best of all the terrible alternatives. It is designed to minimized damage of radical laws that violate our core values. We have a system of checks and balance that may be slow and frustrating, but that is what the founders intended. We were truly blessed to have the wisdom of the founders putting it all together.

This country was built by geniuses that any idiot can run. That means most presidents are incompetent in managing anything, only permitting dysfunctionality to continue. A few presidents were actually able to get the right things done because our system allows right to always prevail.

Thank God this country is not racist. Regardless of how many times it is declared, the only racists in this country are those who constantly make excuses to find ways to point it out. They typically ignore the fact that it is bad behavior, and not race, gets individuals in trouble.

We are fortunate that this country is not a democracy that ignores individual rights. Democracy is mob rule where a bunch of anarchist can take or destroy your home or business. We are blessed to have a Constitutional Republic and not the mob rule of a democracy.

Every day of our life, in this great country, should be a day of thanksgiving. We are blessed with many things that are right, it is sad that anyone could feel justified to complain. The real blessing is that we all have the right, ability and a system of government to do something about that which we want to change.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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