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Editorial #225 “Preexisting Conditions” aired on October 27, 2020

Editorial #225 Preexisting conditions

The issues that dominate this election are: The Economy, National and Domestic Security, The Pandemic and Health Care in that order. The economy is always primary with all the others affecting it. If there is no income, there is nothing to tax, with no money to address the other issues. Raising taxes has never improved an economy. It only lessens the incentive to work.

The United States health care system is on a slippery slope. It was a perk for union workers during labor negotiations in the 1960’s that evolved into the socialized medicine of today. It is not health care or a way to maintain one’s health. It is a full-fledged welfare program, whether you wanted it or not. It is a way to spread the cost for the medicine and treatment that happens to everyone.

No matter how much we spend on our health care insurance and regardless of who pays for it, the end result is exactly the same. We can’t save our life. We can only prolong the inevitable, but at what price and who should pay for it?
This mindset happens because of the entitlement mentality that has infected the country. There is an expectation the country owes its citizens these things and another part society must pay for it. Health care is not a right any more than demanding the government give us a new car every year.

This thinking demands reparations for the sins of past generations. How is it fair to give health care benefits to someone with no health care and insist it cover preexisting conditions? You can’t buy fire insurance after your house burns down.

Government will dictates what is consider adequate care. Abortion is on that slippery slope as a way to save on health care for fewer people. It also justifies the government telling you when you have lived long enough and are too expensive to keep alive.

These are the steps toward getting society to accept socialism where government provides everything. If it provides everything, it can also takes everything away. We can live in the freest country in the world and if we get everything from the government we are slaves to that government.

The government’s obligations is to provide: security, Infrastructure and making laws that are fair. It does not provide happiness, income without working, cradle to grave care and the right to never be offended. A successful country expects its citizens to be self-reliant, hard-working and patriotic that live by our core values, the Ten Commandment and the golden rule.

We must pick between a side that tolerates no laws for bad behavior by defunding police. That encourages illegal entry into the country, abusing our welfare system. That ignores respect for life by killing babies then old people. That uses minorities for their vote instead of a booming economy where many more minorities are working. That wants felons to vote, eliminating any deterrent to breaking the law and expanding the liberal voting rolls.

The other side encourages living by our core values, the golden rule, the Ten Commandments. We can only pray that a majority believes in what made this country the greatest in the world. Otherwise we will be on the list of countries that tried and failed at their attempts at socialism.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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