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Editorial #221 “What Debates Teach Us” aired on September 29, 2020

Editorial #221 What Debates Teach Us

Presidential debates are simply job interviews where “we the people” are determining what a potential employee will do in any given situation. The reason for any interview is to know how the individual thinks and how they handle problems.

The job of president is actually very simple. Nothing needs to be decided as the constitution already determined the country’s course and destination. These positions are like a pilot in a plane with a crew to handle the logistic. The route is decided. The pilot must follow the planned route and adjust the controls to make sure they arrive at the destination. It is not to make it up as they go along and try all sort of different setting on the controls to see what happens. It is no time to experiment or try things that have never worked before.

The course “we the people” decided for the government is to provide infrastructure, security and have everything work in a fair, truthful, sustainable way with integrity and no false or self-serving agenda. The destination is simply to preserve each citizen’s right to “pursue happiness”. It is not the make a selected few happy! Our Constitution limits the power of the government. It is not to control the people.

When a candidate constantly complains and reminds us about the rough rides of the other pilot. That is immature, childish and accomplishes nothing. If the weather was rough and the situation required non-standard adjustments to make sure the flight landed safely, that is what we are looking for in a pilot or president. We pay them to get us to our destination safely.

So if someone promises all his flights are going to be smooth, that is an insult to our intelligence. Just as Captain Scullenberger’s flight out of Washington DC in 2009 that ended up in the Potomac, Sully’s quick thinking and skill had all the passengers survive to fly another day.

The same goes for the job of president of the United States. It is a job requiring experience in the real world and not in a flight simulator or inside the beltway where the deep state wants to protect business as usual. Experience in Washington DC counts for little or nothing as they never solve any problems. If they did solve any problems, someone’s ox is going to be gored and they would not crave the position and power if all the corruption and hypocrisy went away.

This explains why politicians always point out the problems we didn’t know we had. They must fabricate racism, discrimination, climate concerns and second guessing the handling of the pandemic. It takes no talent to complain and it take a very devious mind to fabricate, contrive and implement problems, then blaming the other party with the media complicit and hungry for the “red meat” of hypocrisy, espionage and corruption.

We live in “The best of times and the worst of times” with the “Whole world being a Stage” where this would be a great spy novel if it were not so dire. The old Chinese proverb applies: “The situation is impossible but not serious.” God Bless America.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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