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Editorial #219 “The Scourge of Democracy” aired on October 1, 2020

Editorial #219 The Scourge of Democracy

There is an amazing lack of understanding about what a constitutional republic is and the number of people who fail to realize this country is NOT a democracy. When anyone doesn’t understand the differences between a democracy and a republic, it shows the lack of intellect of those who constantly refer to this country as a democracy. Not knowing this difference exposes the bad things that happen when people get too much of anything and become addicted. It causes good people to do very bad things when they can’t get their fix.

There are actually no examples of any pure democracy ever working, be it a family, business, church, state or country because someone must always be in charge. This perverts the true definition of a democracy: one man, one vote with majority rules. The law of entropy also applies as everything always seeks the state of most disorganization when no one is in charge. Your messy garage is not your fault and is the result of entropy.

Democracies always fail because, at its worst, it is mob rule, one step removed from anarchy where everyone is left to their own devices to survive. At its best, is described as “perfect harmony” with everyone getting along and agreeing on everything, which is impossible. This secret is well understood by true socialists with the best examples being Bernie Sanders, AOC and the squad using pleasant, harmless sounding terms like “democratic socialism” to hide their dishonest agenda.

Any system of government will work if no one cheats. But politics has become an “arms race”, where money and espionage are the weapons of choice.

The solution is to stop making cheating profitable. Technology makes this possible because it is now harder to cheat or hid anything because any one can know everything about everyone else if they want to.

A capitalistic economy, in a constitutional republic, is the best of all the terrible alternatives because you can’t fool all the people all of the time in a free market society with supply and demand. Capitalism in a free market economy causes the best to survive when one solves any problem with a cheaper and faster option. This is natural selection in action.

The BLM and ANTIFA movements are exactly the opposite of a constitutional republic. They have no rules except for those whims enforced by their leaders with guns and clubs. They intimidates anyone who disagrees and threaten more riots and looting if they don’t get their way. They want to eliminate guns while they keep their own guns and declaring everything discriminatory and racist while extorting money from responsible citizens by demanding they pay reparations and punishing those who disagree or refuse.

None of their narcissistic principles can survive in a society that does not trust in God, value life, live by the golden rule and the Ten Commandments. The only salvation we have is knowing that right will prevail, eventually. The irony is the very things these anarchist’s advocate, will eventually trap and destroy them with the same actions they used while they tried to maintain their control and power.

This is Keith Kube wish you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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