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Editorial #185 “What is Inequity?” aired June 18, 2020

Editorial #185 What is Inequity?

Inequity is the word that best describes the cause for all the turmoil and chaos the country is experiencing. Inequity is being use as a weapon to justify this lawlessness and mayhem that would be considered an act of war during “normal” times.

What is the real reason for these demonstrations and riots that plague our country today? What are they trying to accomplish? What action item are they trying to implement? It can be only one of three things: 1. Make things better, 2. Complain and whine hoping for change or 3. Destroy the country.

One does not go to the target range with a blindfold on. One must see the target before they can hit it. The same applies for these actions with their objective seeming to be the elimination of inequity, which is impossible. We are all created equal, but that is where it stops.

Inequity is not an action that someone can inflict, like being punched. It is a state of mind, or perception, like hot or cold, up or down. Inequity is relevant only to the observer or by those being told they are a victim. Eliminating inequity is not a right covered under the constitution. Inequity is a fact of life. It is not what happens but how one deals with what happens.

Logic would imply that normal people do that which makes things better for themselves and those they love. These rioters don’t seem to realize there is a silver rule: Don’t do to others those things you don’t want done to you.
These mobs are perverting the word “democracy” thinking if enough lawlessness happens by enough people they will get their way. That is not democracy. That is anarchy where the rioters feel justified in destroying and attacking police because “everyone else” is doing it.

These rioters are not protestors but a small minority of cowards who remain anonymous, hiding behind a social media disguise. They are opportunist who subscribe to the mantra, never let a good disaster go to waste. They say they want inequity solved by eliminating inequality. That means they want things they don’t like eliminated. They feel persecuted, victimized and angry. But the incredible part is they want to solve the problem by discriminating and punishing everyone else for their bad decisions.

We all have the same starting line in life. By making the starting line different for some violates the fundamental right of fairness. It is discriminatory and completely void of taking any personal responsibility.

We all have a cross to bear in life, we get old and then we die. The only thing remaining after we die is the example we set. How did we bear “our cross” in life? The question we must ask, if everyone did what you are going would the world be a better place? This is what “profiles in courage” looks like and we must remember they crucified Christ as well.
Part of making the world a better place means admitting to the errors we make. If one never makes a mistake, one is not doing anything. Mob rule uses social media to recharacterize any mistake to advance their self-serving agenda. Silencing descending voices by makes something insignificant into a moral sin, of which the accusers are guilty of as well, is hypocrisy.

To have the elimination of inequity as the objective before this rioting stops is like demanding the elimination of the possibility of death from your health care plan. Both are things we must learn to live with.

This is Keith Kube wish you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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