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Editorial #159 “Cost of Wars not Fought” aired March 24, 2020

Editorial #159 Cost of Wars not Fought

Never before has our highly mobile, technology advanced world had to address an invisible, deadly and universally feared enemy. This is also the first time the world has faced a situation where we are all in this together. This is truly a world war with everyone on the same side.

Life is the most valuable and precious thing we have. Without life nothing else matters. Wars are fought to stop any threat to our way of life, our country, our economy and our loved ones. The business principle of war is: the amount spent to fight it is always less than the amount lost if it we do not fight it. In this case we have everything to lose, so the amount of resources our country will expend to fight this virus will be almost everything.

There should be no concern about the amount spent to fight this war. Money is a tool. It allows us to do things and acquire that which nourishes, protects, provides security and infrastructure allowing us to make our own living in a peaceful society. Why are we saving the money, if not for times like this? There is concern for our rising national debt, but the alternative is not an option. This money is not being piled in the street and burned. It is put into our economy to buy goods and services. It makes the economy able to artificially sustain itself, temporally.

When governments spends, it is supposed to reduce future expenses. In the case of this virus, if it is not stopped or controlled it could threaten our very existence. “A stitch in time saves nine.”

The bottom line is: our country’s administration must support the economy until this pandemic passes. If too much damage occurs, it maybe irreparable. It must do that which will keep us fed and sheltered until a medical solution is found. The threat of contagion must be eliminated so when we do return, there is something to go back to.

This is not socialism. It is using whatever tools are available to return the country to a standard of self-sufficiency that is sustainable and close to normal. Capitalism works. It is the only system that will not collapse because everyone on team USA wants to win and the money is solving problems not creating programs.

The national media has not been our friend. The true agenda of the national media is being revealed in these unprecedented times. When questions of racism regarding the name of the virus or questioning if the President is being overly optimistic, leads one to wonder if the media really wants the country to survive. What constructive end do these question have other than trying to make the president look bad? It does not help in fixing anything. The media must to learn how to ask a question not tell you a question by putting a hypothetical in the asking.

There are two kinds of politicians: those that point out problems and those that point out solutions. Thank God for a president who does the latter and confronts the media, who will never let a good disaster go to waste.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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