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Editorial #144 “Looking back at Impeachment” aired February 6, 2020

Editorial #144 Looking back at Impeachment

With the impeachment in our rear view mirror, the two sides seemed to be living in separate universes with each arriving at exactly opposite conclusions.

There are lessons to be relearned here. It is alarming how the politically correct movement perverts logic with their reinterpretation of the rule of law.

1. “The seriousness of the charge” is never a factor in determining whether someone should be investigated or charges filed. Anybody can say anything about anybody else but without proof, it is hearsay and means nothing.

2. It is impossible to prove anyone is innocent. You can’t prove something that did not happen. To say one should testify to prove their innocent sounds nice, but is a ploy and void of logic. This perverts the rule of law to: “guilty until proven innocent” and contrary to our legal foundation: “innocent until proven guilty”. This is why defendants seldom testify in their own defense.

3. Making a hypothetical statement about something that has not happened, then ask the defendant “what would you do if this happened?” is a trap used to re-characterize a hypothetical situation. Asking a father: “what would he do if someone molested his little girl?” and he answered “I would kill him!” then the reporter re-characterizes it by saying; “He made a threat to murder someone!” This is blatantly dishonest.

4. A fair trial only applies in protecting the accused, not to help the prosecution. If the prosecution needs help from the defense to prove their case, they have no case! To expect someone to come forward with evidence about something that did not find, is naïve and legal malpractice.

5. To say: “there is no trial without evidence or witnesses” is true, but is being used as a smoke screen. If the prosecution fails to do their job and can’t presents witnesses or evidence, it shows incompetence with no need for a trial. It does not mean the trail was not fair.

6. If a defendant is found not guilty, but the prosecution declares “that does not vindicate the accused because the trial was unfair”, is the ultimate in hypocrisy. This is a classic liberal ploy to dirty the outcome to justify continuing to accuse the defendant, fanning suspicions the outcome was rigged. This ploy will be used in every election the Democrats lose from now on.

These perversions are gaining momentum with low information voters and were used in the hearings for Supreme Court Judges and this impeachment. Their mantra is: “we believe in our truth and not the facts”.

If a lie is told often enough, a majority will believe it. They think we are a democracy (polite for mob rule) and believe if a majority agrees it must be true, regardless if it violates our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity. This is how governments are overthrown.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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