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Editorial #128 Census Questions and Voter ID aired December 17, 2019

Editorial #128 Census Question and Voter ID

The news on impeachment is exposing the hypocrisy of our politicians and bureaucracies that was fairly well hidden, until now. There have always been things that seem to be strange or inconsistent in our government. Before the dawn of social media and 9/11, Walter Cronkite along with other broadcasters from only four major networks at that time, the government and media were able to keep the narrative under control with explanations few questioned.

The Viet Nam war and the summer of love started to make it popular to openly question government behavior. The lies and the incompetence of politicians, who were hiding false agendas and corruption, are now obvious.

After 9/11, malfeasance and the re-prioritizing of social issues caused an ever larger part of the population to question what it means to be patriotic, what improves security and what following the rule of law actually means.
To accept that no identification to vote, is insane. To allow early voting and mail in ballots, in the spirit of convenience or cost saving, is an open invitation for voter fraud. To not require the declaration of citizenship on the census forms is absolute lunacy. To not enforce consistent immigration policies and ways to control access into our country, is insulting to those who value and treasure their citizenship.

What possible explanation can be given for tolerating this, other than it making it easier to cheat our welfare system and taint our election results? The slippery slope of corruption is even more evident by the way hearings on Supreme Court nominees and impeachment are conducted. Allowing only selected witnesses to make claims with no evidence to back up confusing or incredible testimony and then not allowing full cross examination, is nothing close to fair.

Citizenship in this country is an honor that must be preserved and appreciated. Voting is privilege reserved for those who are a member of “our club” we know as the United States of America. Voting should not be done casually and made a top priority by citizens on voting day. To be a Citizen guarantees protection under our Constitutional Republic, if we truly treasure our vote. It insures that our individual rights and liberties are preserved. We are not a democracy, which is a polite way of saying mob rule, where if enough people get together, they can vote to take your car because you were out voted.

National security, fair elections and trust in our rules of law are the foundation of our constitutional republic. Not having trust in our elections, our national security and not requiring burden of proof when voting and enforcing our laws, violates every one of our core values, putting us on the slippery slope of socialism.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith has a regular commentary on WJAG 780 radio at 7:40 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Check his website for past editorials.

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