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Editorial #118, Discrimination, aired November 12, 2019

Editorial #118 Discrimination

I have commented on words that I hate in editorial #108. Discrimination is a third word I added to the list with diversification and hypocrisy the other two. There are few instances where using these words engender feelings of harmony, goodwill or inclusiveness.

I have yet to understand the logic of anyone using the word discrimination. Is it to point out a personality flaw and want one to stop it, or is it to cause one to pick another option that would normally not be selected? Regardless, it has become a tool that advances the political correctness that is infecting the country.

I find it amazing that the individuals who point out discrimination are the ones who are the most discriminatory. Affirmative action laws, hiring quotas, ethnic and gender awareness months, celebrations of “so called minorities” are all subliminal discriminations that advances the very thing they protest. It has now infected our schools with participation trophies and the elimination of class rankings for honoring excellence.

These deviations are necessary for a society to accept socialism. The logic behind this mindset is incredible. It discourages any attempts at excellence, punishing success and shaming businesses and municipalities into no longer hiring the best, but to meet certain outward appearances regardless of qualifications or accomplishments.

The flaw in this discriminatory thinking is they consider all occupations and positions of leadership to require no skill. The position is only a figure head position that functions regardless of what the new appointed manager does. That makes as much sense as requiring half of all professional athletics to be women. The job is to win not to meet some quota so society can feel they are being more fair-minded to anyone who wants to play professional sports.

I have hired and fired hundreds of men and women. If I did not pick the best based on past accomplishments or reviewed them on performance, I would have been fired for incompetence or malfeasance. I work half of my career for women managers. The reason they were my manager was because they were better at the job than I was. It was not because I wanted to be politically correct.

Capitalism is based on a system of meritocracy where the abilities are the only discriminating point to consider when hiring or electing anyone. For quotas to dictate who wins Nobel Prizes, starting quarterbacks positions, head coaches, membership on any board or the president of the United States, is a formula for failure and nothing more than the extension of the participation trophy syndrome that is sneaking into our public education system. Discrimination is wrong because it violate all of our core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity. It must not be used to hire someone less qualified to a position that requires special knowledge or skill to advance a quota that does not reward excellence.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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