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Editorial #115 Laws Don’t Protect Us, aired October 31, 2019

Editorial #115 Laws Don’t Protect Us

I never cease to be amazed at the lack of logic of liberal elites and the snowflake generation. It seems they suddenly awoke and insisted on violating every law of common sense, not to mention the laws of physics, chemistry and economics. It appears like they never noticed gravity or realize they need to work. They feel entitled to everything and think money grows on trees. They don’t seem to realize free speech has responsibility and if someone disagrees, that is not hate or discrimination.

There are thousands of laws all designed to stop unacceptable behavior. Laws against stealing, lying and killing have been around for thousands of years. So why do politicians keep trying to make more laws? It is because the laws are not being enforced and politicians want us to think they are doing something.

Police are told to stand down on ICE raids. Rioters are left alone during demonstrations in order to give them their right to their free speech while they loot and burn. Police forces are often rewarded if the crime rate goes down in their district, so they don’t report crimes in the first place.

We really have very few problems in this country. Almost all of us have enough to eat and a place to stay. The only problem society has is the cheating and lack of integrity. The value put on integrity is practically non-existent. Integrity is living in a way where everything we do would be on the front page of the paper.

Most crime occurs because criminals think they won’t be caught. The saying: it ain’t speeding if you don’t get caught, is not how life works.

The taking away of our guns adds to the problem. There are not enough police to protect us all the time. If criminals do not feel threatened when they commit a crime, it is almost the same as not being caught. It is not surprising that politicians, who don’t follow the law or have any integrity, support strict gun laws. They think taking away our guns will make us all safer. It actuality only makes criminals safer.

Taking away guns raises the tolerance for bad behavior because there is no force to stop it. As I said in editorial #114: Tolerance is the last virtue of an immoral society. It is expecting everyone to accept all the dysfunctionality that makes our country less than perfect.

It is no wonder laws are not being enforced. It is the mantra of the political correctness movement where anything goes.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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