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Editorial #110 Encryption aired on October 15, 2019

Editorial #110 Encryption

I remember a game we played in high school, where if you could choose, would want the ability to fly without wings or be invisible? It is telling about the mindset of the individual by how they answered. The innocent answer is to be able to fly. The devious answer is to be invisible, because of the ability to do things that one would never do otherwise.

The age of technology has giving us the ability to be practically invisible and opened a Pandora’s Box of capabilities. I never imagined there was a down side to privacy and the desire to maintain it. We all know of spy movies where double agents, in an exciting game “cat and mouse”, looked for information to do harm the enemy. These situations are no longer limited to government spying, but in our everyday lives and we are the enemy. The day has arrived when the innocent desire to expect privacy is actually an espionage tool when taken to the extreme.

There is a constant effort by invisible bad actors, from anywhere in the world, to snoop into our private lives. They look for unlock computers where they can sneak in without leaving any evidence, to steal data or inflect monetary harm. It also allows terrorist plots, by a network by bad actors, sitting alone at their kitchen table scattered throughout the world hatching plots to kill us in acts of war.

The irony is internet providers sell this guarantee to privacy and security. This is exactly what terrorists need to keep their devious plots secret, increasing the elements of surprise when they attack.

These information fire walls are becoming ever more sophisticated and impenetrable. This is good and bad. Our information may be more secure but so are the criminal’s. When they are caught, the evidence of their crime is impossible to extract by law enforcement with the internet providers not willing to help get the evidence to prosecute.

What is the solution in a modern technologically advance world? It is the same as it has always been. It is to have trust and integrity! That is difficult in these times where corruption and lying seem to be so prevalent. Internet providers must subscribe to the same professional code as locksmiths and honor legal search warrants. I want to trust law enforcement to not abuse their power and our government officials to remember they work us. We are a constitutional republic of the people, by the people, for the people where false agendas and hypocrisy cannot be tolerated. We cannot let political correctness trump our duty to expose and stop situations where trust and integrity are compromised.

This is Keith Kube wish you the best in making the world a better place.

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