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Editorial #107 Impeachment aired October 1, 2019

Editorial #107 Impeachment

Much of the current news is about impeachment. Since the dawn of the 20th Century every president, except for two, has had hearings to impeachment, considered. That was because those two were either too weak to lead or did nothing that upset anyone. If one does not stand for something, they stand for nothing.

All the other presidents, who had hearings, were doing their job with which some disagreed or had human failings and got caught. But in every case there was a large dose of hypocrisy by those who initiated those hearings. They apparently never heard the saying: “He who has no sin can cast the first stone.”

The impeachment process requires a motion by a member of congress. That motion is referred to the House Judiciary committee do an investigation. If the committee finds enough evidence, it is forwarded to the full house where articles are drawn and a vote to impeach is taken. If it passes The House it goes to the Senate where a 2/3 vote is necessary to convict. Only three president have had articles to impeach forwarded to the senate, with none passing. Nixon resigned before a vote was taken.

Since LBJ, the reason for impeachment proceedings have changed. It was intended by the founders to remove the chief executive for high crimes and misdemeanors. But now it is used for political revenge. It is not a legal procedure but a political procedure, done more for show in an attempt to gain a political advantage.

Now the reasons for starting the process is because the party in power is covering acts they are guilty of, but don’t want expose. They complain and accuse the other party of standing in their way and being racist, corrupt, lying, uncompassionate, selfish and mean.

The pattern is disturbing because both political parties considers themselves compassionate, inclusive, accepting and open to new ideas. The problem is their definition of those words. What some consider it to be “tough love” is considered as “cruel and mean” to others. The disappointing part is they all talk the talk but none walk the walk. This is hypocrisy at its finest.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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