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Editorial #106 Things are improving aired September 26, 2019

Editorial #106 Things are improving

The happenings the media reports seems be more incredible each day with scandals, corruption, collusion, political gaffs, hypocrisy, global warming, accusations of racism and discrimination sounding more like a fiction novel than anything resembling news. These hyped stories are reported so frequently that the truly remarkable stories are barely noticed.
Today’s news is like an arms race where reporters try to outdo each other in sensationalizing non-events like promising a train wreck in a place that doesn’t even have a railroad track. The purveyors of fake news are finding fewer followers with their ratings falling precipitously.

They report the possibly happenings that haven’t occurred, then extrapolate them as factual because it could happen, while all their sources remaining unnamed. This is inductive reasoning where the conclusions are formed first with all their evidence wishful thinking. This is how works of fiction are written. Facts no longer need to be true!

Reporters now hide behind their definition of the word “democracy”: If enough people agree with you it must be true, regardless if it violates laws found in physics, economics or chemistry. This is what happens when political correctness is taught in public schools and participation trophies are given for everything with right answers not relevant.

The encouraging part about today’s world is: It has not been cleaner since the industrial age. The economy is better that ever with unemployment at historic lows. It is harder to cheat as information travels so fast. There are bad actors in the world, but they are becoming more marginalized and impotent as their hypocrisy and depravity is exposed.
The world is not perfect but things are getting better all the time. Technology’s double edged sword challenges life styles and traditions, but are more interesting and productive than ever.

The media will continuing to insist the glass is half empty because that sells advertising. But, their audience is becoming increasingly marginalized and irrelevant.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

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