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Editorial #100, Climate Change, aired September 10, 2019

Editorial #100 Climate Change

There is probably not a single person in the country who has not heard about climate change. This entire movement started with the first “Earth Day”, in 1970, when big business was accused of killing the planet for profits. The Arab oil embargo came in 1973 giving birth to the energy crisis with long gas lines and rationing like WWII. These were the missing ingredients needed to advance the socialistic movement of wealth redistribution, the nationalization of all businesses and more government regulations necessary for socialism. This was also the birth of the saying by political operatives: “Never let a good disaster go to waste!”

These issues evolved into the climate studies and the energy conservation movements which started as global cooling and alternatives like solar and wind were reintroduced as solutions. This was my work as a process engineer. It involved the study of how the climate and operating environments worked and what could be done to save energy, reduce cost, recycle resources and stop pollution. The conclusions were all efforts to save energy and natural resources are the right thing to do but would have no affect effect on the climate. But the saying “never let a good disaster go to waste” spurred activists to insist on violating all the laws of physics to make climate change a disaster and a perfect way to redistribute wealth.

Political operatives exploit the climate change issue by birthing organizations like Serra Club, Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Earth First, Me Too, Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street and other organizations that have a socialistic agenda. These are only fund raising groups, never solving any problems, with all their predictions wrong, while convincing us we are all victims. They only advance their agenda with man-made climate change the ideal umbrella under which to operate to get more contributions.

Regardless of whether or not one believes that man is causing global warming, the good thing coming out of this movement is increasing the awareness we must all keep our own doorstep clean so the whole world can be clean. This is good, but has become a tool to advance their agenda of population is controlled, wealth is redistributed and “big brother” regulations while ignoring all the unintended consequences. These objectives directly confront the core values upon which this country was founded: fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity in a capitalistic economic system, which has work very well to this point.

There is no question the climate is changing, but it is not caused by man. These changes are caused by only one thing, the intensity of the sun which varies by as much as 10% over decades not to mention the swings from winter to summer. There is no other source of energy to warm the earth. Only one percent of the CO2 and methane in our atmosphere is caused by man with carbon dioxide only 10% of all the greenhouse gas in our atmosphere. Methane is a close second at 9%. 70% of all greenhouse gas is water vapor and dust, over which we have no control. CO2 and methane are the only ingredients tied to man with man contributing only 2%. With environmental regulations, these man made contributions have been going down since the 1980’s while alarmists insisting things are getting worse.

These facts are conveniently ignored by those who insist we must do whatever it takes to “save the planet”. They declare we must spend trillions trying to keep this moment in climate time constant. The ratio of man’s existence on this planet to the age of the universe is less than one second in a year.

We all want a clean planet and no one wants to see any species go extinct. 99% of all the species that have ever lived have gone extinct as part of evolution and to declare today’s climate is optimal for the rest of time is vacuous and foolish.

We must all do our part in keeping the world clean by not wasting our natural resources like food, water and energy as well as caring for and appreciating all life in our world, especially human life. But to think we can preserve this instant, in the 14 billion years of the universe’s existence, is beyond any logic and insulting to the intelligence of most God fearing people.

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