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Transcripts of Past WJAG Radio Editorials on Thursday mornings at 7:30

Editorial #26 National Convention of States aired December 28, 2017

There is a quiet movement happening in country known as a National Constitutional Convention with under tones similar to the Brixit vote in Great Britain.  Supporters like to call it a Convention of States, which sounds less threatening, but the differentiation is a difference without a distinction.  The concept, on the surface, has merits with honest objectives by many supporters but there is another side to this idea that has concerning parallels to a "Trojan Horse" movement, heavily funded by the usual list of ultra-liberal suspects.

The concept of a Convention of States is outlined under article V of the Constitution which says The Constitution can be amended in two ways:  by 2/3 vote of the United States Congress or by 33 State's Legislatures. Once they vote to agree to have a convention, proposed amendments will be drafted by "somebody", for presentation to all  States through their Legislatures. At least 38 Legislatures must agree to these amendments in order to amend The Constitution.  There may be several amendments proposed with each needing a vote of approval vote by at least 38 states. When 38 states approve any amendment, it becomes law and part of Our Constitution.  This is a very difficult barrier to cross but it does put new amendments in place where congress, the Supreme Court or the president are not able to stop but it is also very difficult to unwind.

This is very unusual process because it takes the power away from the Federal Government to make these amendments.  The movement considers our nationally elected official and the Supreme Court as the problem because they lack the political courage to fix any of the problems that are now permitted under our constitution.  This lack of trust exists because it is felt the politicians are self serving and not doing what is best for the country.

To this point the convention sounds like a good idea, but the next step is where the devil is in the details.  These proposed amendments are designed to address concerns that are adversely affecting the country as seen by the activists writing these proposals.  On the surface this idea sounds valid with the issues topping the list being the national debt, term limits and gun control.  The problem is this will not be the entire list in spite of claims to the contrary.  This is a convention to discuss possible changes after all and will not let this opportunity pass.

The procedures followed at this point will be determined by human nature with no other controlling body.  The opportunity to revise the constitution happens once in a life time and to expect the proposed changes to be limited to three issues is very unlikely.  The proposals will come from a collection of "political activists" who will gather in some sort of forum to rewrite parts of the constitution starting with the above list, but will likely evolve into issues like gender identity, The Electoral College, tax law, electronic monitoring, immigration not to mention those items involving political correctness and situational ethics.  

I addressed the national debt, term limits and gun control in past commentaries with the common denominator of those advocating these changes all having a common desire for a more activist approach to running the country.  The difference between liberals and conservatives is: liberals want revision as soon as possible without fully considering unintended consequences and don't seem to care about the cost because it is not their money. Conservatives, on the other hand, are inclined to stay with the system that got us to this point, realizing change for change's sake, by only addressing symptoms is not the way to solve problems.  The movement has all the markings of proposals that have a liberal, activist nature.

A convention of states will not solve any of the country's problems.  The machinery to make these changes already exists.  The problem is a lack of integrity by law makers where the best interests of the country are secondary to the interests of our politicians who like it the way it is now.

The temptation, by delegates, to use the opportunity to revise more provision in our founding document will be overwhelming.  The process of a convention is very protracted, intricate and expensive and will more likely evolve into more chaos than any constructive machinery to make things better and possibly start a civil war with the media willing to fan the flames.

The solution to the national debt problem is: run the country like a business by investing tax dollars instead of spending them.  The solution to having incompetent senior citizens in government, is to vote them out and stop the apathy of citizens that continues to elect them.  Their answer to gun legislation is to print millions of "GUN FREE ZONE" signs and require every building in the country to post it at their front that will work????

Democracy is the best of all the terrible alternatives with the only possible outcome being answers that are perfectly mediocre with the elected officials only slightly better than the average citizen.  Jesus Christ would have difficulty winning an election without name recognition. The irony is any system, even socialism or communism, would work if there was no cheating or hypocrisy.

The problem is a lack of integrity by those elected to manage.  Putting more restrictions or amendments will only become an "arms race", with politicians finding ways to circumvent the system to allow corruption to continue.  Until there is an incentive for our elected managers to be fair, honest, have integrity and do it sustainably, a Convention of State will accomplish little with a lot of sound and furry, signifying nothing.  It will be a media event with more money spent on this than any political campaign with the likelihood of improving anything 50/50 at best with any changes very difficult to reverse.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management. The books are available at the Elkhorn Valley Museum, Norfolk City Library, Norfolk High School, Norfolk Catholic, Northeast Community College and Amazon.

During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations and government.  You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website:

Editorial #27 Trickle Down Economics aired December 21, 2017

With the Federal Tax Bill and the National Debt now major news topics, a phrase that has been bantered around for about 40 years called "Trickle Down Economics" is commonly being mentioned.  It is one of the most misunderstood "tag lines" used to describe modern day economics.  The application of this misunderstanding continues to infect the thinking of the liberal agenda.  It is most often used to impugn economic policies that are thought to be unfair, self servicing, pro-business and hurting the poor.

The sad reality is, anyone that says Trickle Down Economics does not work, knows nothing about capitalism, economics or the function of government.  In contrast to this misunderstanding, words that describe the exact opposite of Trickle Down Economics are socialism, communism, the welfare state and social justice.

Trickle Down Economics simply means the business cycle of making things and providing services that people want and selling them for more than the expense of production.  When that transaction happens, that money is used to pay their workers and  for supplies used to make that product or service.  Of course, that amount received must always be more than the cost to make it. If that cost is higher than what the customer paid, nothing trickles down and that business must eventually stop because the owner will go broke.  This is simply what Trickle Down Economic is.

Those who profess that trickle down economics does not work actually advocate that businesses should not make a profit with everyone working for nothing and receiving all their assistance from their government who owns all the businesses and resources.   This is slavery without the whips.  When the government owns all the businesses, this is what Nationalization means with Cuba a prime example.  The bureaucracy of the government, redistributes all the money as they see fit.  It is an endless cycle where no one gets ahead, except the bureaucrats. This is socialism which leads to communism which eventually becomes a dictatorship where the citizens are forced to work under a system where everyone is equally miserable.  This is the perfect definition of slavery with a whip.

The consequences of this thinking is the ideal propaganda message of the liberal agenda.  It is used to stop any attempt at tax cuts and budget control. Trickle down undermines their socialist agenda.  All businesses must pay their bills with money received from their customers.  If businesses are taxed, customers will be paying more for the product because of the tax that is always passed through to the end user.  If taxes are cut or eliminate for businesses, they have lower costs and more profits to expand and hire more employees. Tax revenues will increase because more people are working.  The lower the tax, the faster trickle down happens and there will be more tax dollars coming in, sooner, to pay for the service we all expect from our government.  Government's job is to not expand the welfare rolls and not to find more victims who will vote for them.

Often the excuse to not cut taxes is because they feel it will raise the deficit.  The government must learn to spend less and live on the supply side of the economy and not raise taxes to pay for their pet projects.  This means that if the government does not have the money, they must cut back on should never borrow money to go on a vacation.  All this is trickle down.  It is important for the liberal agenda to have everyone believe that trickle down doesn't work,  because it validates the propaganda needed for them to find more victims who will vote for them and their socialistic ideas.

So the next time one hears that trickle down does not work, put your hand on your wallet because they are trying to take it from you to buy votes and run everyone's life because they consider you too stupid to do it for yourself and they do not want our government to run anything like a business.

 This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management. The books are available at the Elkhorn Valley Museum, Norfolk City Library, Norfolk High School, Norfolk Catholic, Northeast Community College and Amazon.

During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations and government.  You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website:

Editorial #25 Music aired December 14, 2017

At this time of the year, more than any other time, music is the universal form sensory stimulation that brings a rush of reminisces, uplifting spirits and joy to everyone who hears it.

The art form of music does not just happen.  It is a result of generations of tradition, practice, parental urgings and hard work that is appreciated by everyone, especially by those who regret not continuing to take music lessons when they had the chance.  Few will ever say they are glad they quit taking music lessons.  It is a talent we all have, to some degree, but it must be encouraged and supported for it to grow.

The rhythm of a beating heart is the very first sound we all hear when we are in our mother's womb.   That beat can express excitement, joy, relaxation and tension and is the most fundamental form of music.  All music is built on rhythm that can translate into many traits that are important in our everyday life.   Things that have patterns, structure, organization and repetition are comforting and assuring as it gives some predictability to what is ahead as no one really likes the unpredictable or the unexpected.

Music seems to be a common trait found among higher achievers in school and life as well as engendering empathy and expressions for positive emotions.  It is mathematical, logical and causes one to strive for completion as no one wants a chord or thought to remain unresolved.   One never hears of a music teacher or musician being a mass murderer.  Georgia Cates said music is what feelings sound like.  This is the basis of harmony and good will toward others. Having the ability to let others know how we are feeling without have to say anything.

Today, the importance of music, is being compromised as technology makes it easier to produce and acquire.  The budget cuts by school boards forces schools to choose between athletics and music related activities both in dollars and demands of the student's time. Athletics are often in direct competition with music departments resulting demands that the student choose one or the other because of scheduling.

Any consideration for the greater good is often ignored.  There is considerably more teamwork and organization required for a band or a choir to produce a product for public presentation and it involves considerably more participates to produce.  The lingering affect of a great musical performance can last a life time compared to a star moment of one athlete that will probably be forgotten by morning.

The vicariousness of parents to relive their own star athletic moments, along with the desire to be from the town of a winning team, is a selfish compromise. Athletics alone will deprive too many students of the sensation, skill development and structure that music bring and has a direct benefit for many more students compared to those of a few athletes.   I loved my days as an athlete but I treasure the sounds that came from music I was a part of, far more.

Cities with art councils have the same syndrome in reverse.  Their mission, to advance their love for the arts, has become so narrow that they fail to see how they are related to the business world.  The arts are not just pretty.  They are vital and needed to raise the quality of life in the community and the community's ability to attract new businesses. The arts culture of a community is directly linked to the function of attracting quality employees to work in local businesses.  These quality employees, if they move to our towns, want their children to be exposed to the arts and music.  These are disciplines that helped him to be successful and desired by businesses during their career.

This is not an either/or issue.  Both athletics and the arts are very important and enhances the student's ability to master technical concepts, which is why they are in school in the first place.  But to completely eliminate or compromise music, theater or art departments to save money is the beginning of the end of the community's educational system.  Our education systems must compete in the world to produce citizens that can walk, chew gum and hum a tune at same time while finding their way to work.

Editorial #23  National Public Service aired December 7, 2017

As we continue to see examples of apathy, indifference and blatant disrespect for our national traditions like the flag, our anthem, the military and the police we are seeing the symptoms of the infection that impacts the fabric of the entire country.  The problem is a  our citizens are not personally invested enough in the country.  They simply misunderstand what it means to live in the land of the free and the responsibility we all have in supporting the systems that allows us to have liberty and the freedom to exercise it responsibly.

Political correctness, situational ethics and fake news has had a far reaching impact on the complexion of the entire country for a couple of decades, now.  I hope this is not a frog in the boiling pot syndrome and we can still jump out to save ourselves. 

It is very dangerous for political correctness to redefine what is means to be truthful, fair have integrity and do it sustainable.  It is being recharacterized by the liberal agenda to the point where these redefined perception are propagated, no matter how incredible, with the demand that they must be given equal consideration to any of their opinions because this is a democracy.  That means they can demand that 2+2=6 and then expect everyone to agree on 5 as a fair compromise.

This is a result of not realizing the unintended consequences that will occur if 5 is the now the new acceptable answer with everyone being confused when nothing adds up.  The pain of these wrong outcomes has never been experienced by many these millennials because they have never had the opportunity to deal with real problem and know what to do if things that don't work exactly as they would like.  Their snowflake existence shielded them from that thought process. 

I hired over 500 people in my career.  The traits I always desired in any applicant were: they graduated....they finished something, and if they had military experience.  That military training seemed to give them a background in discipline, following orders, respect for authority and chain of command along with being responsible for their actions.  They also knew how to function in an organization and were able focus on the singleness of purpose or mission.

There are other ways to learn these traits, but it is seldom found outside of the rigid science or business curriculum of college.  This sort of study is always objective, not subjective, and structured with absolutes being taught.  This sort of education is expensive and very demanding. Only the military provides a similar discipline, meeting of specific standards.  In the military the incentive for learning is life and death, both individually and to the team of which they are a part, if they fail.   

In countries like Israel, where mandatory service is required, the citizens are very engaged in all aspects of the country's security because they become part of the system.  All the civilians provide transportation, room and board, as they can, they help keep their soldiers trained and fit.

The citizens are both the beneficiary and contributor to how the country operates. They all have "Skin in the game" which means they all work to make their country better. They will fight to the death if anyone tries to marginalize, impugn or compromise what they worked so hard to built and protect, so the country can remain safer in such a hostile part of the world.

Our individual objective should be to make our country more unified, knowing that we must all do our part in making America Great Again and stop whining about all the problems we have. We can not expect "The Government" to take care of everything with no concern about who is going to pay for it.  We must all pay for it, if not in dollars then in work, supplies and emotional investment in the cause.

It is our country and each of us we must seriously consider whether we are part of the problem or the solution.  There is a point, called maturity, where each of us should be able to answer that question for ourselves, but it seems that point is reached by fewer people each year.

With a National Public Service program structured as part of the military, this maturity point would be reached considerably quicker, with fewer young people never reaching it.  In return they would have their college or trade school education paid for, like the GI bill, with a much better understanding of what problems they could help solve in the country when they graduate.

Editorial #24 Our Public Libraries Aired November 30, 2017

As part of promoting any book, I have been fortunate to tour almost all the libraries in northeast Nebraska as well as many libraries in other states.  I have made several observation that are concerning regarding these depositories of written materials.

In the time before the internet and electronic media, our founding fathers had the foresight to build a place where a copy of every book written could be housed.  This concept is marvelous and comforting, to have a centralized place where all these written diverse ideas could be found.  I hope there will always be a place like a library, regardless of what technology brings as an alternative.

As our country grew, certain benefactors like Carnegie, Mellon and Rockefeller, realized the value of this concept and endowed towns throughout rural America with the money to build libraries that still exist day.

The concerns I have is there are fewer and fewer books found in these libraries designed bring success to businesses, show the latest scientific findings or the management of issues dealing with our social, economic or political  problems.  Instead they are becoming depositories of fiction, videos, music and games that entertain, giving an escape from the problems of the world. Little attention is given to helping citizens become more self reliant and prosperous through learning what is necessary to make the world a better place for themselves and the next generation. 

The average attendee at most libraries is becoming younger with libraries becoming one step above a day care center, amusing kids and young adults until parents gather them up or until they must go home.  Regardless, there is very little learning going in libraries any more with their function more for entertainment.

Certain libraries even apologize for not having books dealing with business, science or government.  The library directors say there is no demand for that sort of information any more and do not carry them to save expenses since they are not used.

This is an extension of the symptom found in schools with the demand that educators raise the percentage of graduates.  They do this not by teaching what they must know, but try to keep them in school by entertaining them so they won't quit.  This is not the educator's fault.  It is the fault of the parents that tolerate this dysfunctionality to exist in schools in the first place

In any sales training course, it is taught to listen and always give the client what they want and not what they need.  This makes as much sense as having the prisoners run the jail.  Libraries and schools are becoming salesmen, only providing things the kids want and not what they need.  This thought process has infected an entire generation with the parents reluctant to give tough love, always doing what they can to minimize any pain, suffering or delayed gratification.  This results in millennials who feel entitled, dependent and helpless when they have to deal with the problems of making a living so they will not become a burden on their family or society.

Regardless of the reason, real libraries are becoming antiques with fewer reference books and self help information available.  The internet can not replace this, as the very validity of the electronic media information is very questionable.  Libraries have become a depository for fantasy proving an escape from reality with nothing of substance acquired other than some possible improvement in reading skills.  But, even that is debatable because with audio/video information, it is not necessary to be able to read or write.

Society cannot allowed our next generation to remain ignorant. The hunger for knowledge no longer has any appeal and these future citizens seem doomed to a future where fewer people are able to think for themselves, be self sustaining or able deal with the problems that happen in life.  This is evidenced by the infection of political correctness, situational ethics and the lack of accountability we find throughout the country.

Schools must acknowledge and teach there is no escape from the reality, nor is there a short cut that allows illiteracy to be acceptable.  This explains the drug culture, alcoholism and increased dependency on social welfare. The only reason for libraries, schools and life long learning centers to exist is to better prepare this generation to deal with life by being able to solve problems and not continue to teach ways to avoid the realities of life and be able to live without a complete dependence on batteries and electricity.

Editorial # 21 November 23, 2017 Taxes and Unintended Consequences

Sky high property Taxes and the unintended consequences that will follow, if not addressed, is very serious problem for rural Nebraska. When addressing any problem, the only things that matter in the analysis are the similarities and finding what dysfunctionality made it into a problem.

History and network news tells us about all the things that went wrong which is about as helpful as using only your rear view mirror to drive a car and never looking at the map.  The sad part about history and news is these terrible outcomes are predictable, but until they actually happen no one wants to think about them "until the horse is already out of the barn, then saying we should have closed the barn door."

The past is gone and will never return. The only thing that really matters are those things that have been shown to work reasonably well that got us to this point in time.  These solutions are all found in science, physics and economics courses, not in history books.

During my career I have traveled to many foreign countries and notice numerous parallels that do not bode well for the future of our country.  The history of these governments, repeatedly show examples where the core values of fairness, truth, sustainability and integrity were violated resulting in dire consequences with unimaginable pain and suffering inflected on a large part of their population.

In Greece, for example, the rural citizens were treated like step children with the urban population delighted to tax all the farm land to support a dysfunctional government where most of the government workers lived.  The problem came to a head when the farmers were so heavily taxed, they could not make a viable living by farming.

They quit farming, moved to the city and worked for the government.  The curse of inheriting farm land was a "kiss of death" as no one could afford to pay the tax on the ownership.  Today much of the land is owned by the government and the land lies fallow with squatters eking out a bare subsistence on small plots .

Now 30 years later these former farmers, who now work in the government, are retiring and want their promised pension, but no one is paying their taxes.  They all know the government is wasting their money supporting these pensions and lavish lifestyles.  They conclude "Why pay taxes and only get half of it back?"  So they pay no tax and keep it all.  The real hypocrisy is the Greek Government wants the European Union to bail them out with loans to pay these pensions.  Greece also knows the European Union wants them more than they want to be in the EU.  If Greece was outside the EU, they could continue to print nearly worthless money to pay these pensions.  That stopped when they joined.  They can't print their way out of the problem any longer.

The result is a Greek government that is broke. The only people working are in the  government or the tourist industry.  They grow little of their own food and have few exports as no one is making anything except souvenirs for visitors.  Tourism is all the Greece has and it is a beautiful country to visit.....lucky for them.

The same thing is happening in Nebraska, except for the tourism, with the unintended consequences a cold civil war, if not addressed.  The property taxes are not fair or sustainable.  Taxes are becoming the highest single expense item for anyone in the agriculture business.  The difference, we do not have a tourism option like Greece and there are not enough government jobs for those leaving the farm.  The farmers have a feeling of being stepchildren who are there only to support the urban schools and their life style.  This will grow into a rebellion if the unfairness issue is not addressed.  This is similar to the situation that is happen in Spain, as well..

Government must operate like a business.  They must live on the supply side and not the demand side.  Raising taxes to continue paying for all their pet programs is not acceptable.  In businesses and families, they know they can't borrow to go on vacation.  Governments must learn how to invest tax dollars and not spend them to get votes.

The only reason a war ever starts is when there is a direct disagreement on what is fair, honest, sustainable and has integrity.  To address the property tax problem, these core values can not be violated.   The current property tax situation in not fair, honest or sustainable.

Editorial # 20 November 16, 2017 Perfecting the question

We live in a world where news is never about the goods things that are happening, but only about things that are wrong or dysfunctional.  In looking at health care, the budget, the debt, immigration, tax reform, international security or whether the Russians hacked the election, all these issues are not the actual problem but simply the media "Whining" about symptoms of these dysfunctionalities.

It is sad, but good news and things that are going right is boring and does not attract eye balls that sells advertising.  This whining by the media becomes infectious and is exploited by the liberal agenda to gather more victims who complain "why isn't the government doing something to fix this stuff".

This infection hypes the issues making them into talking points that politicians use so they can stand in front of the parade so they can call themselves leaders.  They almost always address only the symptom, never the problem and say "I will fix this for you".  This is where bureaucracies are born and they are the only living organism in the world that never dies.  They only grow by looking for more victims who want the government to fix it for them and devour more tax dollars leaving little or nothing to show for the spending.

The little used phrase "Perfecting the Problem" is missing from this dialogue.  The phrase means quantifying the irritation and democratically determining what is acceptable. For example: how much tax is too much, how much air pollution is too harmful or how much welfare is fair.  These are questions a true business manager would ask.

There will always be problems.  That is life.  But determining what is acceptable must be established before there is any hope of finding a solution. It will never be perfect but if these points are not quantified at the start, any solution will always have detractors who will complain and insist we "throw the baby out with the bath water" if they don't get their way.

In a democracy we will never get the best of the worst of anything.  We will always get the perfectly mediocre or the absolute average.  This is why we need politician with business experience.  Our system is a democratic republic that forces these elected managers to "run through the gauntlet" which is painful and expensive, but does produce someone that has above average skills to tolerance and survive this process.

And since they are managers and not dictators, they must manage within the system that "We the People" have decided upon through The Constitution.  This system is not perfect but it is the best of all the terrible alternative available.  So next time we find something we do not like, we must determine if we are whining or trying to perfect the question so we can get the best answer from all the terrible alternatives.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management with both books available at the Elkhorn Valley Museum and the Norfolk City Library as well as on Amazon and E-Bay.

During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.  You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website:

Editorial # 22  November 9, 2017 Gun Control

There is an old political activist saying: "Never let a good disaster go to waste".  The rash of tragedies over the past weeks and months causes this saying is to be constantly invoked to make the most out of these senseless acts of violence.

The most logical thinkers know there is no law that would prevent any one of these senseless acts.  But in an effort to make the best use of these horrible events the politicalization card must be played to advance a liberal agenda.

We all know that cars do not cause accidents or run into people, airplanes were not the cause of the 9-11 and, of course, guns do not cause these senseless murders.  They are all caused by people with motives that are irrational, ridiculous and perverted or brain washed into doing things to become a martyr for a cause that make no sense to us.

The typical liberal approach is the take guns away from every law biding citizen with the logic being if there were fewer guns the criminals would not have access to them.  They forget the reason for the second amendment is to stop any attempt by a government, who would have all the guns, from oppressing its citizens.  Liberals also forget criminals do not follow the law.

Stricter gun laws never stopped crime.  Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the country while having the highest gun death rate of any city in the United States. 

The most logical answer in this gun issue, that is completely off the radar for any liberal gun control advocate, is not that there are too many guns, but too few guns to defend ourselves before the law enforcement officers can arrive.  If there were more concealed gun carry permits, there would be fewer "soft targets".  Any robbery or terrorist attack would be immediately foiled or stopped before hundreds are killed or hurt.  Law enforcement can not be everywhere all the time.  We must learn how to take care of ourselves without relying completely upon the government.  The government is reasonably good at helping after a tragedy, but not very good at preventing or minimizing them.

There will always be homicides.  They were around before the time of Christ and there will always be homicides in modern society, with or without guns.  The logical outcome of unlimited access to guns, with concealed carry permits, would be fewer soft targets to hit.  There would probably be the same number of homicides, but far fewer robberies and terrorist attacks.  If someone want to kill somebody, they will probably find a way to get it done, somehow.  Even a homicidal maniac doesn't want to be killed before he executes his plan.  Our job as citizens is to help the police do their job as they can't be everywhere all the time to protect us from ourselves. 

The irony is, these examples are the symptom and not the problem.  The problem is the constant attempt to create more victims that would advance a socialist government designed to take care of all of us.  There is also an infection of political correctness and situational ethics that encourages the acceptance of perversion and/or dysfunctionality.

Issues like man made global warming, abortion, health care, gun control or welfare programs and designed to make "New Laws" that simply put  bureaucracies in place to take care of us so these victims can re-elected these bureaucrats who want society to be completely depended upon the government.

The common denominator in any liberal agenda is population control, both in size and demeanor, where everyone is expected to be subservient and dependent on the government with any means of resistance minimized or eliminated.

Editorial # 19 November 2, 2017 Economic Growth Simplified

In the world of governmental bureaucracies that provide "SERVICES", I have consistently found their agenda was to make things as complicate as possible so citizens feel they have no alternative but to use their help or hire someone to deal with what that bureaucracy requires.  Their other agenda seems to be one of always addressing the symptom, never the problem because the bureaucracy would be out of business if the problem was solved.

The model of making people feel dependent is being exploited now, more than ever, by putting additional regulations and licensing requirements on those providing these services with their mantra seeming to be one of only addressing the symptoms.

Services that give guidance and advice on matters like bookkeeping, tax preparation, legal services, investment management, medicine, therapy and many government services dealing with environmental issues are becoming more expense to use with less than ideal results, all requiring permission from the government to provide them.  It seems the government's agenda is to have citizens be as depended and helpless as possible with their desire to leave no choice but to force us to use them.

Now in this age of technology there are search engines that gather all the information in the world, making it available to all of us when the question is properly stated regarding any problem needing to be solved.  This is powerful and threatening to government bureaucracies who are supposed to be there to give us those answers, justifying their tax payer provided salaries.

Granted, theses people all have boat payments to make, but when their results are inferior compared to the free information on line from Siri, Google, or the Watson Computer, their days are numbered.  The concern of having citizens become fiercely independent is very threatening to a liberal, socialistic government.  Self sufficiency is a trait that is common in the conservative cause and explains the civil unrest against any attempt to lessen government involvement in any program.  The purpose for their existence is threatened and they need more victims to survive.

I always find it amusing when government economists and the congressional accounting office scores any bill to see if it is going have an impact on the budget or the debt.  To require a third party to tell congressmen how legislation will affect the budget is laughable.  It is simple and if they had any business experience they would understand the difference between investing and spending tax dollars.

Taxes are never spent.  They are always invested in those things that will reduce future expense when done in a timely manner.  Jobs are never created, they are a result of solving problems that cost money if not addressed with the pay always less than the cost of the problem.  Economies grow in only two ways: One by an increase in population and/or an increase in discretionary spending by the population.  Taxes must be used to increase desirable spending and investing and not penalize success and hard work.  

The government must live on what the supply side of taxes and not demand more taxes from the citizens to buy more votes through gift projects.

These principles are fundamental and seem to be completely ignored or forgotten by congress with the result being a larger debt with little or nothing to show for the increase.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.  You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website:

Editorial #18 October 26, 2017 Conservatives and Liberals 

In my commentaries on the art of compromise along with understanding of what leadership and democracy is, we established this country is a republic, not a democracy and it is to be ran by managers, not leaders or dictators, that "WE THE PEOPLE" hire through elections.

These elected managers are supposed to reflect our personal preference that fall into two categories call liberals and conservatives.  Of course there are variations among members of these two groups, just like the difference between hot and cold water, with any debate over the variations in temperature not really constructive. 

A classical conservative will resist change and seeks the status quo in contrast to a liberal embracing change.....the faster the better.  The old mantra that my parents said to me applies: we are all born liberal and grow up to be conservative.

These tags have evolved into political parties with Democrats and Republicans stereotyped as liberals and conservatives respectively.  But the change factor goes deeper. If liberal changes are made, will they make matters better or will they be risking the wealth of Nation through their experimentation?  

It is not surprising a majority of the liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans, do not really understand the positions of their party brand.  Their affiliation is often inherited..... "Dad and Mom were democrats and so am I". They almost consider it disloyal to change parties, like changing from Ford to Chevy or supporting a rival sports team. There is also a large dose of apathy and indifference that exacerbates the fact they don't know what their party actually represents.

The most current definition of a conservative is: to have government run like a business, operating fairly, honestly, in a sustainable way with no self serving agendas.  This approach uses systems that have worked for the most part to this point. 

The most current definition of a liberal is: to have government correcting past inequities through the redistribution of wealth to those, whose ancestors were wronged.  This approach looks at the thing that did not work and wants to make changes to correct that past.

The conservative approach seems to be forward looking while the liberal approach looks to the past along with the expectation that modernizing the old ways and mistakes could improve things.  It is not surprise that both parties are convinced the other party is absolutely wrong in their thinking. 

This debate has been happening since the start of the industrial age.  The evolution of political correctness and the explosion of welfare programs, that requires the number of victims to keep expanding, is the life blood of a liberal cause.

 The conservative cause thrives of self sufficiency with little or no government involvement.  Don't give them a fish but teach them how to fish.

Fairness, honesty, sustainability and integrity is where this debate must to be held with everyone looking in the mirror to be certain they are not violating these core values in advancing their cause. 

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.  You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website:

Editorial # 17 Leadership and Democracy October 19th, 2017

There are two fundamental misconceptions that are pervasive across this country.  The first is the concept that the United State is a democracy and the second is this country is run by leaders.  These misunderstanding are infecting any hope of having this country run as the founders intended.

The United States has never been a democracy and any attempt through a national constitution convention must be stopped because their hidden agenda is to move the country toward socialism.

True democracy is a polite word for mob rule.  If everyone is fair, honest, believes in sustainability and has integrity, it would work beautifully.  But that is too much to hope for.  Democracy means a bunch of people, a mob, could gather and vote to take your house.  That is not fair, honest and smacks of hypocrisy.  No one in that mob would like it if they had their house stolen from them.  This happened in the French Revolution.  The man who invented the Guillotine to help advance the age of enlightenment and democracy during the French Revolution lost his head in the process of advancing the cause he believed in. 

The United State is a democratic republic where the rights of the individual are protected from mob rule through the Electoral College and a congress who is supposed the know difference....I hope.

The second point is we do not have leaders running our government.  The government is run by managers who take direction as stated in the constitution from "WE THE PEOPLE" who hire, through elections, these managers to run the country in a fair, honest, sustainable way with no self serving agenda or another way of saying "with integrity".

Leaders have names like Hitler, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, or Basher al-Assad of Syria.  They are dictators who tell people what to do with severe consequences if anyone who does not follow their orders.  All these countries tried democracy with the mob becoming so unruly that some "Alpha Male" eventually rose to the top and started telling very one what to do and the people liked it over the chaos of democracy.

The sad part is the people in these countries accepted this as an improvement over the chaos of a mob rule democracy with the ultimate outcome following the mantra, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

"We the people" are the leaders of this country and if "we the people" accept the violation of our core values of honesty, fairness, sustainability and integrity through apathy and indifference, we are doomed to eventually become a socialistic dictatorship.

Our lesson here is a democratic republic is a terrible form of government, but it is the best system in the world compared to all the other alternatives.  If we don't use it, understand it and everyone does not do their part in supporting our core values, we will lose it.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.  You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website:

Editorial # 3 Definition of a Job Aired October 12, 2017

As I covered in last week's editorial, one of the biggest problems with our education system is the student's inability to apply the information they learned in school to solve problems.

This problem solving step is the only reason for learning anything and the only purpose for our education system.  If someone can not solve a problem that is costing their employer money, they will not have a job for very long.

If a student can not apply what they learn in school to solve problems, the time and money invested for that education was completely wasted.

The only reason a job ever exists in the first place is because there is a problem that is costing money with the pay always less than the money saved by having that problem solved.

No business owner will not pay someone $15 per hour if the problem is only costing $10 per hour. The sad part of this principle is many minimum wage jobs do not have a $15 per hour problem.  This means the job will go undone or a computer will do it instead for less than the $30,000 per year prescribed by a $15 minimum wage.

On the other extreme if someone can make the business owner $100,000 more per year, their pay will be something less than $100k.  This explains why executive salaries often seem high. It is because they are making the company much more than their pay.

I have hired hundreds of employees during my career and I would always look for two things.  One did they completed their education, showing they were not a quiter and Two they could tell me what problem they could solve for the company.

When I give lectures in high schools and colleges I would tell  them what the world's best question to ask the interviewer is: What problem do you want me to solve for you?  If a potential hire asked me that, I hired them on the spot.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.  You can hear all his past editorials or review his books by going to his website:

Editorial # 4 Education Aired October 5, 2017

With all the concerns society has today, education is often mentioned as one of the most important.  The irony is the lack of educational opportunities is not the problem.  There are more colleges, technical schools and learning centers available now than ever before in the history of the country, not to mention the cost is rapidly rising to well over $10,000 per year per student in high school.  The real problem is the lack of these students knowing how to applying that knowledge.

There seems to be a complete disconnect between learning and applying knowledge.  The education model used today is simply one of exposing students to the information with the diploma a sort of a participation trophy. This makes about as much sense as picking a bushel of apples then leaving them in basket to rot. Students should be required to explain what problem they are going to help solve before they can graduate.  I always had a hard time figuring out what problem an art history major was going to solve in the world.

The amount of information in the world was doubling about every 1000 years at the time of Christ.  Today, the time to double the total amount of information available is about 1 year.  The time needed to double is expected to be about a day in 20 years.  The irony is: there is so much information available with much of it too complicated or changing too fast to apply any of it.  The result is a society with people about as informed as the average citizen was at the time of Christ.  In spite of that most people have the basic skills to do their job along with the ability to survive day to day by solving some problem for their employer. The current generation wants to skip the step of applying what they learned in school to solve problems and be paid only for what they know and not for what they can do for the employer.

The problem is students today seem to lack the skills to solve problems using the new information they learned in school.  The only real purpose for education is to know how to find and use the information when it's needed, not to memorize it for a test.

Teaching this skill is not exclusively for the schools, it is also the responsibility of the parents of those students.  Problem solving and self sufficiency is lived, not taught.   Another aspect to consider in addressing this deficiency is mandatory public service with everyone serving this country in some way shape or fashion upon graduation from high school. That in itself would solve many educational problems but that is a topic for another time.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two book on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.  You can hear all his past editorials by going to his website:

Editorial #16 The National Anthem Aired September 28, 2017

With the contagion of these displays by athletics during the playing of our National Anthem, we are seeing classic predictable sequences playing out that relate to business cycles, political correctness and the violation of our core values.  These all have patterns that can not be ignored without experiencing very unpleasant consequences that can impact the future of our country.

In my editorial, the art of compromise, I addressed the ingredients needed to avoid these "unintended consequences". Our purpose in life is to make the world a better place by living the core values of honesty, fairness, sustainability and integrity but the country seems to have an infection of apathy and indifference that is playing out in a very visible way by these displays by players during the playing of our country's anthem.

The NFL's business model is in the latter throws of a natural death cycle that every person and business follows: they are born, grow up and die.  Companies like Sears, Eastman Kodak, General Motors and Bethlehem Steel are all examples. The NFL is rapidly becoming another casualty.

They are overplaying their hand by following a dishonest model of seeing how far they can insult and abuse their audience before losing money.  They pimp their players, charge a small fortune for tickets, the rule changes make the game almost unwatchable, they play in publicly funded facilities while taking a self serving, political correct positions like spouse abuse, breast cancer and racism, not because they believed in those causes, but because the think it would increase their viewing audience.

Now they are allowing players, who must otherwise live under very strict team and league rules, to express a politically correct positions that seems to impugn patriotism under the guise of free speech.  This is ironic because they did not allow the players to express any tribute to the five assassinated police officers from Dallas by putting a decal on the Cowboy's helmet.  This is only one example of hypocrisy and is insulting to anyone who likes football.

The league seems to resent the president for pointing out this hypocrisy and they hide behind the PC mantra by saying: it is divisive and hurtful to criticize the players for expressing their first amendment rights. 

No position is purely black and white, no pun intended, and there are always incidences of bad behavior that must be deal with.  But to spin it to look like the entire country agrees with it is wrong. The sad part is their positions are propagandized by fake new with most of these players too dim to realize they are pawns in the political correctness war that violates all the country's core values and spits in the face of patriotism, not the mention the system that allowed these players to make millions doing something they love.

The solution is simple.  If any business fails to realize they are violating the core values that made this country the greatest country in the world, stop patronizing that company.  In this case, if you want to watch professional football, watch it only to see what products we should all boycott.  This will quickly self correct this charade.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two books on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.  You can hear all his past editorials by going to his website:

Editorial # 12 International Security Aired August 17, 2017

The recent events with North Korea are the result of years of "kicking the can down the road".  Like all situations, where only the symptoms are addressed, the problem always becomes worse if not addressed directly. 

Rewarding of bad behavior always breeds more bad behavior.  The climate of political correctness is largely responsible for this result.  North Korea is on the same spectrum as any social disorder that occurs today.  The disrupters want attention and appeasement always leaving an option open to get more appeasement in the future when they misbehave again.  

The politically correct approach is to be compassionate and giving.  But this result in more demands and exploitation from the victims receiving that compassion.  This happens with the Trojan Horse of immigration where compassion is rewarded with terror attacks by a few exploiting the system. 

When riots occur, there is an unlimited upside with little down side.  The rioters get tons of free stuff stolen from the stores they loot.  The insurance and government assistance comes in to pay for repairs.  The repairs require labor that comes from many of the same people who looted and destroyed the property they are now fixing. 

On the world stage, there is a similar attitude from rogue state North Korea.  The leaders tell the citizens they are being victimized which he exploits to fight this faux aggression.  The only real solution is removal of any dishonest leader that does not care about his people through the voter box.

It is hard to understand how anyone could be so self centered to allow his citizens to suffer for his benefit.  This sort of unfairness can not stand in our society.  I want to believe this situation is self correcting and these leaders would be overthrown, eventually, by the citizens.  These victims have nothing, much less weapons to overthrow this hypocrisy if the vote is not available. This is why we have the 2nd amendment in the United States, our protection from a dishonest government. 

The only remaining peaceful solution in dealing with a rogue country that threatens us: Borrow money from them and/or do business with them.  Not place embargos that only fuels more aggression of those who feel victimized.

No one will harm someone who owes them a lot of money or is their best customer.  This is why government must run like a business by those who know something about salesmanship, instead of doing things like sanctions which only further upsets a potential customer.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube of Crofton is a business analyst and author of two books on business management.  During his career, dealing with our 1000 businesses, he identified those traits commonly overlook, that were vital in all successful business operations.

Editorial #1A Property Tax Aired August 24, 2017

Property taxes will always be too high.  This is irritating but not the problem. The real problem with property taxes is they are not fair compared to the unban areas of the state.

The issue became a problem as rapidly rising values of farm property caused a disproportionate treatment between urban and rural families in funding schools.  The issue will never be resolved unless the tax law subscribes to the four components necessary for any good law.  It must be fair, honest, sustainable and have integrity.

The best law is no law with the second best law a law no one likes.

With property taxes, the urban areas like the law as it is with the rural areas feeling they are not getting a good return on their investment for their tax dollars.

People always want to get their money's worth when they buy things.  The same with taxes.  The farmers and ranchers want to be treated fair and not feel like step children of the state with the big cities taking advantage of them by taxing farmers and ranchers based on their net worth to fund schools.

They use their net worth to make their living which they pay income taxes on, and then pay a tax on the value of their land which is their nest egg. The urban population pay taxes on their home but not on their saving account or other investment which is their nest egg.

They use someone else's net worth (their employer's business property) to make their living.  Practically none of their net worth is used to produce school tax income while practically all the rural land is used to pay for schools.

If the tables were turned, this unfairness would quickly surface.  It is not fair to farmers and ranchers and until this is addressed the pain of high property taxes for farmers and ranchers will never end.

I having traveled to other countries where citizens treat taxes differently than we do.  Those countries fundamentally distrust their government. This country is the most tax compliant country in the world because the citizens, for the most part, feel the taxes are fair and they trust they government.   IF this trust is lost, this will be grounds for a "cold civil war" which no one wants.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.


Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analysis and author of two books on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and management consulting, working with over 1000 businesses, he identified those traits found to be vital in all successful business operations, but commonly overlooked.

Editorial # 14 Debt Ceiling Aired August 31, 2017

Our Congress is again dealing with the issue of raising the debt ceiling.  This almost biannual event is becoming a grandstanding show and not legislation.  I would think congress would be embarrassed for showcasing their incompetence of not being able to control their spending.

They seem to have no concept of how to run government like a business.  It is the biggest business in the country after all and we have politicians who have never run a business in their life trying to manage it.  It makes as much sense as hiring a school bus driver who doesn't know how to drive a car.

They don't know the difference between investing our tax dollars and spending them.  Investing means they put the money where it will defer or reduce future expenses.  The tendency now is to spend tax dollars to get votes with little regard for reducing future expenses, instead they spend on entitlements that become unsustainable.

They also work from the demand side of the budget and not the supply side.  They have their wish list of things they want to give us to get votes.  They then persecute the tax payer by penalizing success by constantly trying to raise taxes on corporations.  This shell game only causes businesses to raise their prices leaving the consumer to eventually pay the tax through higher prices.  They should work on the supply side by limiting the spending to only the income they receive.  A family is should not borrow money to go on vacation.

The National Debt will never be paid off, but it must be controlled.  No business operates entirely debt free.  It is leverage and the decision to borrow is a decision made because money can be borrowed at a lower rate than the return they will receive from the investment.  No one pays off a 3% loan with money on which they are receiving a 6% return.  So if the country wants to borrow more money, it better show better rate of return than the rate at which they are borrowing.

Even the most hardened spendthrift individual eventually realizes they can not keep borrowing money to have parties with nothing to show for it.  Just think, if politicians did not have a huge debt to deal with, these liberal spending habits would soon max out their credit card again.  This is what running the country like a business means.  All the complaining about how the current administration running things like a business is from those who fear their credit card will soon be canceled.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two book on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.

Editorial #7a Health Care Aired September 7, 2017

How the government invest our tax dollars comes to a very critical point when dealing with health care.  When does our personal obligations to our health care stop and when does The Government's responsibility to provide health care start?  That point is known as the social contract that must be decided by "we the people".  It is not for the politicians to decide.  It must be decided democratically.

This point is at the root of the country's health care problem and calling it health care is a misnomer.  It is not health care and it does not make anyone better.  It is simply a way of paying for health care.  We need to decide once and for all, do we expect the government to completely take care of us all?  Health care is becoming a welfare program by another name.

A socialist model of health care thinks the government should take care of everything including pre-existing conditions for everyone.  A capitalist model would say we, as individuals, should plan and take care of ourselves and our immediate family with health care being a business and not a social program.

These are the two extremes and the answer lies somewhere in the middle.  We must decide where our personal responsibility stops and where the government responsibility starts.  Where that point is must be decided by "We the People".  Any conversation that ignores this is hypocrisy, a waste of time and not constructive.

If "we the people" wants a welfare system that provides all our health care, then we must be willing to pay the bill.  If we want health care to be a capitalistic system that results in the best health care in the world, then we should do that.  Where that point is will be neither the best nor the worst solution, since it must be decided democratically.  But, it will be a perfectly mediocre answer with the final outcome being: we will die healthy and/or poor.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two book on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and management consultant he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.

Editorial # 9 Term Limits Aired September 14, 2017

With the on going saga of the health care debate, I find it ironic that a senator suffering from brain cancer would be hauled off the operating table to cast his vote to continue debate on overhauling the health care system in this country.

I have already commented on what it takes to fix health care, but now it's time to address the issue of term limits.

The fact is we already have term limits in this country.  It is call re-election.  The term limit issue is the symptom and not the problem.   The problem is the almost universal apathy of the American electorate.  Too many voters don't seem to care and continue to elect people who still remember when WW II ended.  It seems there are still some people in congress who served in that war.

Granted 80 is the old 65, but the fact is voters continue to re-elect senior citizens because they either  like what they have or they don't care. 

The fact is Term Limits is a liberal, Trojan Horse position with un-intended consequences if enacted.

The conservative posture of government is: it is not perfect but it works.  The liberal position is to completely over hall it changing everything from The Constitution to the Electoral College to form a socialist government.

Liberals love new, young, inexperienced politicians to win elections.  Congress is actually not the real ruling body in the country.  It's the career lobbyist.

The most effective way for advancing a liberal agenda is to get laws passed through influencing new elected politicians who don't yet know where the restroom light is.  The older establish congressmen know the ropes and are not as easily influenced.

We must be careful about what we wish for.  If we want term limits, then vote out those "old people" who are not supporting your positions.  Do not let the "Trojan Horse" of term limits undermine the greatest country in the world.

This is Keith Kube wishing you the best in making the world a better place.

Keith Kube, of Crofton, is a business analyst and author of two book on business management.  During his career as an engineer, investment banker and business analyst he identified traits commonly overlook that are vital for all successful business operations.

Editorial #15 Art of Compromise Aired September 21, 2017

Having lived much of my professional career in large cities, where people forgot that all food comes from the farm and not the grocery store, I have had more than my share of debating extreme ideas that result from radical thinking.

The irony is both liberals and conservatives have essentially the same desires and values: We all want a peaceful, clean world where everyone can be trusted, regardless of what they call themselves.  The unfair stereotype of a conservative does not mean they want war, a dirty environment and are uncaring and uncompassionate, just as someone who is liberal does not necessarily mean they all want peace, a clean environment and are compassionate and caring.  These inconsistencies were exposed by the civil unrest of the recent past.  The will always be extremes and exceptions found in any society. The only real difference between liberals and conservatives is simply the priority of which issues are most important to address and who should pay the bill.

Ben Franklin said "I will never compromise my core values of honesty, fairness, integrity and sustainability, but I will compromise on my preferences about things I would like to see."  To compromise our core values that are implied by our Constitution, makes about as much sense as disagreeing that 2+2 = 6 and then compromising on 5.

This sort of compromise is wrong.  It is not honest and is the reason we have a dysfunctional government that can't live within its means and is infected with political correctness.  Things that were previously thought to be always true are now examples of situational ethics gone awry.....things that were thought to be wrong are now considered acceptable.

The only reason to ever fight a war is when the opposition is forcing the country to compromise on one our core values of honesty, fairness, integrity and sustainability.  One does not go to war with another country because our basketball team lost to Russia in the Olympics.

It is important to recognize that we compromise only on preferences and not on laws that are unfair, racist, spend money unsustainably or advance an agenda that is taking to country closer to socialism or anarchy and away from our capitalist model of running our country like a business.


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