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Announcing: Integrity Starts With "I"

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The book the liberal media, politicians and lobbyists inside the DC Beltway and all State Capitols do not want you to read.  It exposes the crumbling foundation for the hypocrisy, dishonest agendas and the fake news that advances political correctness and situational ethics.  It exposes the reason for creating an ever growing victim class that puts the country on the slippery slope of socialism.

Integrity Starts with "I"

(The Answer to ALL the World's Problems)

This book will show how a lack of integrity is the single most important factor that causes all the world's problems.  It will show how it prevents governments, societies, and political parties as well as businesses and individuals from being functional.  The book also shows how to recognize the absence of integrity before it infects any problem solving process.

It will outline how to minimize the tendency of addressing only the symptom along with the process that must start with perfecting the definition of the actual problem.  These steps are always necessary before there is any hope of actually solving any problem.


It is sad it is so difficult to apply the core value "integrity" on a macro scale.  It only seems possible on a micro or individualist scale because few people have a true altruistic interest for addressing the world problems. The real difficulty is there are few example of true integrity in the world with even fewer able or willing to put themselves into a position to make a difference. 

To gain a position in politics with true altruism and integrity is nearly impossible because those traits practically guarantee un-electability.  To learn altruism and integrity is very difficult as well with few examples from which to learn and it is certainly not taught in schools.

In an attempt to address the conundrum, I will try to show how the use of technology could provide a way for true altruism and integrity to be applied on a macro scale as it gives the ability to objectively apply "all the available knowledge" in finding a solution with the honest objectiveness necessary for achieving integrity.

An objective "computer like" analysis increases the likelihood of subsidiarity(1): "the concept of being managed by the smallest responsible entity" to be more likely.  Using this approach lets those who are most altruistic about an issue to make the decisions. This concept was nirvana and nearly impossible to even consider before the existence of the technology age of today, but it is now possible and proven by the invention of the Watson Computer(41) by IBM.

By having a way for dishonest agendas to be filtered out, the objective result should result in decisions that have integrity because they are fair, honest and sustainable, not having any possibility of distrust.  Integrity is the most important ingredient in society that provides it.  Integrity seems to be diminishing from the examples of chivalrousness from past generations.  The value systems of the Renaissance that continued through the Revolutionary period is gradually dying.  In these past times duels were fought and wars were waged when someone felt their integrity was impugned. 

I will show how major problems should be defined, resulting in solutions that are quickly identified and implemented.  It may not make solutions easier or less painful, but it will simplify the solution process by quickly identifying subjective bottlenecks and unnecessary obstacles.  This approach is not new.  It has been used for generations in most technical applications by data driven engineers and technicians.  Today's problems are not any more complex, but they seem to demand quicker solutions that become very emotional and easily manipulated by slick advertising and propaganda.

Today, if a social or political problem IS ever solved or minimized, it is usually stumbled upon with the common approach of compromising some principles (things we like) while "accidentally" managing to not compromise any of our core values of Honesty, Fairness, Sustainability and Integrity.

The word "character" is often thought to describe these four core values, but it is almost always used as a "throw away" word and applied casually. This casualness diminishes the magnitude and the responsibly of someone with real character.  The true understanding seems to be nebulous or in a diluted state by escaping the "magnifying glass" needed to detect true integrity. 

The world doesn't seem to want to accept any quick solutions and no one likes to be "dictated to" or "preached at" with specific or strict instructions.  Human nature seems to require a need to experience the "birthing pains" of decision making before a solution is considered, much less accepted.  The "perfecting the question" approach involving integrity will not ease the "birthing process", but it will make the process more appreciated and acceptable.  If this process is realized and internalized early, managers in government (politicians) will stop "kicking the can down the road".  Our objective is to make our systems work and function with more permanence and less consternation.  This is the logical outcome, if emotions and a lack of integrity do not interfere, resulting in making the world a better place. 

It should become apparent that the peace, harmony and security we all seek is based in the fundamental concept of personal integrity.  Integrity does not have any element of selfishness or individuality.  The only way Integrity can exist in the world, requires all of us have it. 




The G.U.T. Book Is Available on E-Bay:


"The Grand Unification Theory of Business and Success" is now available on E-Bay.

This is THE business manual designed for anyone who needs to convince any banker that your business is a sound investment.  Most businesses know where they are, but few ever know where they must be to insure financial success. 

It is written for students studying, or considering business.  It is designed to give business owners the assurance and insurance to your banker that your business is an investment that will preform as expected and be successful.  It shows how to present your business operation in a light bankers want to see. 

The Grand…is a survival manual for companies that have decided to manage their way through a current business economy that is rapidly collapsing and rebuilding in unpredictable ways. In such an environment, every business must learn to first break even and then make a profit, which is the cure price of economic survival. As a business, owner, you must know the advice in this important book.

Chris is a Mortgage Underwriter Attorney from Texas

Premise of The Grand Unification Book

The title may sound complicated, but it is a meant to express the existence of a logical summary of traits found in 'successful' businesses. The book is an attempt to summarize these lessons of business at a considerably lower tuition cost, with the 'tuition' simply the time invested to read it and the expense to purchase it. This book will not set out how to bring the money in the door, but simply how to handle it so you are able to do it sustainably.

The most surprising observation I made over my career is the fact that a very simple question was never asked: We all know what the particular 'numbers' are in our business, but what should they be for a successful operation?

The book is for anyone who needs money to fund any business or idea. It shows where your business should be, not just where you are. It was designed to be a 'handout' for any potential bank client who is trying to borrow money for new or existing businesses. It describes what a banker is looking for in order to make their investment a good decision. It shows how to avoid problems before they become unfixable. It shows how to engineer profit, ensure survivability and assure viability at any stage of existence. It will give direction for dealing with negative influences and minimize mistakes that could impact the operation. It will show what to change and the amounts of change required. It will put any financial plan  on  solid ground convincing bankers and/or investors that your business has  those traits found in investments that are solid and secure for the business and the bank.

There are many self-help and money making books on the market with varying degrees of success and effectiveness. I have read many of these books and have been somewhat critical of them. Their methodology is to either: 1. Identify your problem and 'giving permission' for you to have that same problem or 2. List attributes or examples to strive for and emulate, but not give the 'how to implement' or 'action items' to improve your situation.  If it does, it is deficient and nebulous. This book will show how to connect the concept with reality.

The Result of Political Correctness gone Awry

The unrest and turmoil to which we are constantly exposed through the media, is the logical response, as the 'pendulum of life' continues to swing.  In seeing old TV shows shown in the late night, it is fascinating how often I see situations and statements that cause me to think "they would not be able to say or do that today".   

We have become so sensitized to political correctness; it is as ubiquitous as the air we breathe.  It has spawned a society of sensitive, soft, anxious, people who are continually walking of egg shells trying to survive the day without offending someone.

It has birthed a culture of permissiveness that tolerates actions and customs that were unthinkable a generation ago.  The concern about this 'new tolerance' is there are no limits to anything with the very though of limiting it, seen as a direct insult and classified as bigoted and racist, punishable in a court of law.

The principles of truth, fairness, integrity and sustainably are no longer applicable.  They are rationalized and gradually negotiated away giving the slippery slope that spawned the implosion of our political system producing the unlikely candidates for president we have today. 

It has completely confused all the political consultants, party elites and the media with the terror of finding themselves completely irrelevant and useless.  No one is following the 'drum major' in the parade who insisted on calling himself a leader.  They are amazed people are finally seeing the "King has no clothes" and will no longer believe anyone when they are told to the contrary. 

All this is a direct result of 'political correctness' gone awry.  In a society with normal media channels minimized regarding effectiveness, we have a world where the ability to produce a disingenuous agenda is almost all but gone.  Paid rioters and mass faux demonstrations along with propaganda from insiders and political elites are no longer working.  This has produced a candidate leading the 'Republican' party that is the epitome of what the consultant said the party needed, but now that it has arrived, they are deathly afraid that he will win.  The we, frankly, lying.

This proves our so called leaders, who said they were going to fix the spending, bureaucracy, customs, procedures and the power brokering we all condemn, are bold faced, indigent, vacuous, incompetent hypocrites.  

No one should be surprised that the pendulum has swung producing a hopeful CEO for the United States that will finally run the 'largest business in the world' like a business. Not a gravy train for those inside the government and those who realize the gravy train they were on will not longer be able to run.

This is all the direct result of Political Correctness gone awry.  Be careful for what we we may get it!

The Reason Why Business as Usual is no Longer Acceptable

We all know, no candidate is prefect.  There is saying "all saints have a past and all sinners have a future" and Trump is considerably more moral than anyone else who can win the presidency with the mood the country as it is now.  The country has too many "warm and fuzzy" politically correct politicians now, that continue to be elected, contributing to the 'mess' we have.  Even the Pope is being hijacked by the liberals and moving toward a position of situational ethics, being politically correct so the parade will still follow....but that does not make them leaders....that makes them prostitutes.  If we want a change in Washington, the package looks like Trump.  Sasse is making a major mistake with his statement about Trump, and I spoke to him about it.  The expectation of finding another 'warm and fuzzy' candidate that conforms to the stereotype is foolish, naive and will affect his career going forward.  Romney's position is irrelevant and the major reason he lost his election.  Any activity to find a more acceptable candidate at this point is getting the 'Sacred Cow' elected with another Democrat term being the point of no return for the country.  Sasse is insulting his own intelligence, only pointing out problems with no viable solution being put forward.  I thought he was smarter than that but apparently not.  The country desperately needs a manager that will stand up to the vacuous leadership of Obama and the timidity of the Republican Party to not confront Obama out of fear of losing their own job at election time.  Sasse WAS a refreshing change that appeared to be outside that group until he made his ridiculous statement of 'not giving support to Trump'.  Trump promised not to run as a third party candidate and now that he is winning, the party wants to run someone else...essentially a third party....and typical of a party that has no integrity. 


I was in a meeting with Trump once and he did not get to where he is being the way he is portrayed.  The country must have this sort of manager with business experience and there in no one else is close to getting the job done.  The only objective we have is to defeat Hillary. Trump is the only one who can attract enough diversity with immunity from the media, lobbyist, money, dishonest agendas, climate change activities and socialistic tendencies to get the job done.  The reason this situation is occurring is because of the pent up anger at the 'political correct' agenda infecting the country and Trump is the result....finally!  


There is too much at stake here and I trust that that you will do what ever we can to defeat Hillary with Trump the only alternatives the country has available.


Advocates for Protecting the Silent Majority


Population Density Map

The blue area show where 50% of the US population lives

April 3, 2015

The problem this country's conservative movement has, it exists only in an effort to simply maintain consistency and stability.  The gray area of the map is showing where the conservative population tend to live.  Their stereotypical personality is:

  • Self reliant
  • Independent, living in lower population density areas
  • Financially careful
  • Smaller school systems
  • Higher Church attendance
  • Homogeneous population
  • Rural, agrarian economies
  • Resists government involvement
  • Resents government bureaucracy

In contrast, the liberal movement in the United States thrives, almost exclusively, on the principle of change, modernism and progressive ideas.  They tend to live in the blue areas of the country.   The stereotypical personality is:

  • More dependent on commercial services
  • Lives in areas of higher population density
  • More financially liberal in spending habits
  • Larger public school systems
  • Lower church attendance habit
  • More racially diverse
  • Urban, non-agrarian economies
  • More open to government involvement
  • Depends more on government bureaucracy

With this backdrop, it is easy to understand how the political propensity of various parts of the United States happen.  The result of these various personality propensities gives agendas in conservative areas with a 'status quo', more tolerant, leave things as they are, approach to government with cost control very important. 

In contrast the liberal agenda parts of the US seems to be less tolerant of problems, activist and more demanding of government to become involved in problems regardless of cost.  The map showing the largest populated counties in United States are blue and represent 50% of the US population.  They trend to be liberal with agendas and governments that encourage liberal tendencies.  The gray areas are the remaining half of the population and trend to be conservative. 

The silent majority in the National conservative movement is 'silent' by their very nature.  The people who live in the 'gray areas' of the US have the traits that are practical and 'don't fix it if it is not broken' mind set.  This is why we are taking the "Advocate" approach to addressing concerns.  It is vital to be aware of the liberal agenda and its' tactics.  It is important to be vigilant of the 'slippery slope' syndrome that gradually erodes the values that got us here in the first place.

If you feel this message needs to be voiced and spread, please let us you in presenting this message by contacting us.


Consulting Method for Stress Testing any Business

The first and most basic mistake made in business since the beginning of a capitalism is using this equation:

Income - Expenses = Profit

This formula is wrong and should be eliminated from all thinking

This approach causes several bad tendencies to occur: 

  1. The tendency to 'save your way to profit'. 
  2. Tendency is to over project income. 

Most budget processes typically become overly optimistic and rosy.  These optimistic numbers rarely happen and become more distracting and depressing than constructive when things become difficult.

It is easy to manage a business when money comes in 'hand over fist'.  It takes strict observation of the numbers when it is tight.  And the numbers are never important, the numbers relative to other indicators are vital.

It is never 'how much' that is important.  It is 'how little' can we get by with.

The correct equation to use in running a business is:

Income - Profit =  Expenses

When this equation is algebraically manipulated it becomes:

Income = Profit + Expenses

Which tells you the least amount of income needed to survive or:

Break Even = Profit + Expenses

This implies many things:

  1. Profit is a cost of doing business
  2. Breakeven is more than only covering expenses
  3. Opportunity cost must be included in profit.  This is the income you would have derived from a job plus the income derived from initial investment and start up cost if invested in a bank or stocks.

If profit is not factored into the analysis it is like floating in the middle of a lake and not moving.  That is drowning, not swimming  One must make progress to the shore or you will die. If you are not swimming or making progress (making a profit), you, like your business, will die!

There is really only one reason for keeping books or having a bookkeeper and it is NOT so one can figure your taxes.  IT IS TO KEEP TRACK OF WHETHER YOU ARE ABOUT TO BREAKEVEN

To analyze a business, it is as simple as imputing information to an excel spread sheet as shown in the example below.  The result populates all the ratios and percentages as well as showing what is considered to be within acceptable ranges base on millions of successful businesses reviewed. THE RESULT GIVES THE ABILITY TO CHANGE ANY INPUT TO REVIEW THE IMPACT

  BREAK EVEN ANALYSIS      rev 11/19/12.2    
Period Beginning 1/1/2008   1/1/2009   1/1/2008  
Period Ending 12/31/2008   12/31/2009   12/31/2008  
TOTAL INCOME+ sales tax 1,200,000 100.0% 1,200,000 100.0% 1,500,000 100.0%
NET OPERATING PROFIT 27,000 2.3% 48,000 4.0% 42,000 2.8%
GRAND TOTAL EXPENSES 1,173,000 97.8% 1,152,000 96.0% 1,458,000 97.2%
Depreciation 20,000 1.7% 20,000 1.7% 20,000 1.3%
Insurance 15,000 1.3% 15,000 1.3% 15,000 1.0%
Advertising 5,000 0.4% 5,000 0.4% 5,000 0.3%
Interest expense 15,000 1.3% 15,000 1.3% 15,000 1.0%
Rentals 40,000 3.3% 40,000 3.3% 40,000 2.7%
Adm. Salaries+employee taxes 50,000 4.2% 50,000 4.2% 50,000 3.3%
Taxes (state+local) 4,500 0.4% 4,500 0.4% 4,500 0.3%
Other fixed expenses 50,500 4.2% 50,500 4.2% 50,500 3.4%
Sum of Fixed Expenses  200,000 16.7% 200,000 16.7% 200,000 13.3%
Direct Material  375,000 31.3% 366,935 30.6% 484,450 32.3%
Direct Labor+employee taxes 375,000 31.3% 366,935 30.6% 484,450 32.3%
Other Variable Expenses 80,000 6.7% 78,280 6.5% 80,000 5.3%
Sum of Variable Expenses 830,000 69.2% 812,150 67.7% 1,072,250 71.5%
Semi-Variable Expenses 143,000 11.9% 139,850 11.7% 185,750 12.4%
Fixed Expenses (Operating) 200,000 16.7% 200,000 16.7% 200,000 13.3%
50% of Semi-Variable Exp. 71,500 6.0% 69,925 5.8% 92,875 6.2%
Total Fixed Expenses 271,500 22.6% 269,925 22.5% 292,875 19.5%
Variable Expenses 830,000 69.2% 812,150 67.7% 1,072,250 71.5%
50% of Semi-Variable Exp. 71,500 6.0% 69,925 5.8% 92,875 6.2%
Total Variable Expenses 901,500 75.1% 882,075 73.5% 1,165,125 77.7%
Total Fixed Expenses + Profit 298,500 24.9% 317,925 26.5% 334,875 22.3%
BREAK-EVEN in Days 332 91.0% 310 84.9% 319 87.5%
B/E   VOLUME 1,091,457   1,018,825   1,311,870  
inventory 30,000   30,000   30,000  
accounts receivable 100,000   100,000   100,000  
cash+other assets 15,000   15,000   15,000  
Total current assets 145,000   145,000   145,000  
Fixed assets 410,000   410,000   410,000  
accum dep 110,000   110,000   110,000  
fixed dep assets 300,000   300,000   300,000  
other  assets 345,000   345,000   345,000  
total assets 790,000   790,000   790,000  
accounts payable + current liab. 96,000   96,000   96,000  
L.T. debt 210,000   210,000   210,000  
total debt 306,000   306,000   306,000  
Bank  Lending % 7.14%   7.14%   7.14%  
U.S. Fed Tax rate 15%   15%   15%  
Per Cent of Credit sales 14%   14%   14%  
Shares outstanding 10,000   10,000   10,000  
CONTROL FACTORS Current Projected Estimated Ideal  VS comments
Net Operating profit (O.P.) 2.25% 4.00% 2.80% < 10% ok  
Net Operating profit after Fed. taxes 1.91% 3.40% 2.38% < 8% ok  
Sales tax rate before Fed Taxes 0.38% 0.38% 0.30% >prefered ok info. on sales
Sales tax rate including Fed Taxes 1.91% 3.40% 2.38% >prefered check info. on sales
Sales to Working Capital 24.5 24.5 30.6 < 15x ok  
Sales to Fixed Assets 4.0 4.0 5.0 < 3x ok  
Sales to Equity 2.5 2.5 3.1 < 6x ok  
Advertising to Operating Profit 19% 10% 10% > 5% ok  
Net O.P. to equity  (R.O.I.) 6% 10% 9% < 20% ok  
Net O.P. to fixed assets  7% 12% 10% < 8% ok before deprec.
Net O.P. to total assets (cap) 3% 6% 5% < 10% ok known as cap rate
Net Operating profit to debt 9% 16% 14% < 15% ok max. borrow rate
Net Operating profit to wkg capital 55% 98% 86% <prefered ok  
Operating exp. to Fixed Assets 114% 113% 129% > 15% ok down prefered
Operating exp. to total income 17% 17% 13% > 25% ok steady prefered
Operating exp. to working capital 7.00 6.94 7.87 > 12 check  
Cash to current assets (current ratio) 10% 10% 10% < 20% ok  
Current assets to current liabilities 1.5 1.5 1.5 < 2.0 ok > 1.0 is insolvent
Current asset to total assets 18% 18% 18% <10% ok  
Current Asset Turnover/yr 8.3 8.3 10.3 <12x/yr ok higher is better
Inventory to working capital 61% 61% 61% >30% ok lower is better
Material turnover (mater/inven) 12.5 12.2 16.1 <12x/yr check higher is better
Merchandise turnover (c.o.g./inv.) 27.7 27.1 35.7 <24x/yr ok higher is better
Inventory turnover (sales/inventory 40.0 40.0 50.0 <50x/yr ok higher is better
Day receivable holding period 30 30 24 >30 days ok lower is better
Day receivable collection period 26 26 21 >45 days ok lower is better
Day of inventory in stock 29 30 23  >14 days check lower is better
Fixed assets to equity  0.6 0.6 0.6 <2.5x ok  
Total assets to equity (leverage) 1.6 1.6 1.6 <3x ok  
Total assets Turnover 1.5 1.5 1.9 <2.5x/yr ok higher is better
Accounts payables to inventory 3.20 3.20 3.20 >1.0 ok  
Current Liabilities to total assets 0.12 0.12 0.12 > .10 ok  
Current Liabilities to equity 0.20 0.20 0.20 > .20 ok  
Total Liabilities to equity 0.63 0.63 0.63 > .80 ok < 1 .0 is insolvent
Times interest earned  4.1 5.5 5.1 < 3.0 ok 1/3 profit for debt
Debt Ratio 39% 39% 39% > .60 ok steady  prefered
Cash flow per month 3,542 5,292 4,792 <prefered ok  
Working capital 49,000 49,000 49,000 <prefered ok should balance
Working capital required 191,590 190,186 187,488 >prefered ok   with required
NET WORTH (EQUITY) 484,000 484,000 484,000 <prefered ok higher is better
Price per share 48.40 48.40 48.40 <prefered ok higher is better
EBITDA 5.54% 5.54% 7.29% <prefered ok higher is better
Price to Earnings ratio 17.93 10.08 11.52 <prefered check higher is better
Annual Equity Growth   0% 0% 0% <10%/yr ok up trend prefered


332 310 319 >200 days ok

lower is better


Problem Solving In a Democracy



March 25, 2015

Perfecting the Question

For any problem to be solved, here is a fundamental principle that must be accepted.  That principle is:

There is only one right answer to ANY question!

This principle is fundamental to the use of all computers.  If there is no agreement on the formulas or parameters programmed into the software, the results will not be useful, much less acceptable.  It is both "garbage in results in garbage out" plus the formulas and Values used as input need to in accordance with the participants for the results to be useful.

The approach to all problem solving requires a full and basic understanding of the problem being addressed.  Simply:

If the problem is fully and exactly defined it is practically solved .

If these parameters are not defined and agreed upon by all participants, any answer will meet with objections because the solution will probably have unacceptable items in the answer if not address initially.

Computers originated in a world of absolutes.  Everyone agreed on the mathematics used and therefore trusted the results.  As computers evolved and the parameters gradually became more subjective and less absolute.  For example, "do you like red or blue?"  If one is not chosen to be more acceptable, the answer will meet with resistance. 

The next step would involve a series of subjective preferences.  "Do you like big or small?" for example.  Is the size more important than the color?  The parameters must be ranked in order of importance as well as defining what is big or small much less what is red or blue.  As one can see this analysis become daunting for humans but not for a computer.

This approach was the foundation that gave us the true 'World Jeopardy Champion'.  It was not Ken Jennings or Brad Rutter, but the Watson Computer built by IBM.  This machine beat both, handily.  This could arguably be the most important human accomplishment in the history of civilization.  It could literally replace the function of government.  Since the beginning of civilization, governments have been trying to do the impossible task of problem solving with solutions that would be acceptable to a democratic society by hand, without using the power of computer analysis.  The computer is usually used only to acquire data for the analysis but not to give an answer.

Watson's operation was using all the information in the world to satisfy the words in the question.  It would then rank the most logical answers base on probably of meeting all the specifics parameters of the question.  This concept is surprising simple and logical when we envision how we all solve problem in our head now.  The human limitation is emotional bias and the inability to factor in the preferences of the society looking for an answer. 

The reason why monarchs and dictators evolved before democracies is simple. The ability to declare an answer to a problem was confined to a handful of advisors with the leader's desires well understood.....and they got things done by demanding it!  But as the concept of democracy evolved the ability to demand was lost, and the debate started with everyone one wanting to protect their own self interest as well as preserving a functional society.

Fundamental values are built into our genetics and appear in every culture and society from the beginning of civilization and are expressed in all religions of the world.  These are found in Natural Law, the Ten Commandments or teaching in the Bible, Torah or Quran.

The list is:

1. Honesty

Everyone wants us all to be honest.  It eliminates suspicion of others and engenders trust and dependability.  All laws contain words that are to be effective and trusted.  If society believes there is a devious alternative or self service agenda involved, it is not honest.

2. Fairness

To have harmony in any society, any hardship from a law must not be selective or distributed unequally.  If it is perceive to be unfair, it will be ignored or circumvented in some way and breeds anarchy.

3. Integrity

Integrity is a concept that causes us to do the right thing when no one is looking or will notice.  When lacking, it causes us to lock our doors and is the reason we have prisons.  All prisoners did something they thought they would get away with.  If complete integrity existed our prisons would be empty and locksmiths would be out of business.  Politician who make laws that exempt themselves or act in a manner that would be embarrassing if discovered are examples. 

4.  Sustainability or longevity

Government is a mechanism used to give some assurance that the society will survive and support a standard that is livable for future generations.  Any law that does not provide a way of funding violates fairness, is not sustainable and completely unacceptable if society wants our future generations to survive.  If a law is not sustainable, it is a violation of honesty and integrity and must be stopped.

Principles and Their Compromise

Now the human element must be considered in analysis.  We all possess traits and feelings that may differ with other members of society.  No one with a basic moral compass would disagree with the four fundamental values.  We all have preferences that we would like to see in any law.  The best law is no law but since we all possess the "human condition" it is necessary to make laws. This is where compromise starts and the part where The Watson Computer comes into play.

Benjamin Franklin said he would never compromise his fundamental values, but he would compromise on his preferences or, better said, things he would like to see. 

The implementation of this methodology into a Democratic Republic form of government, is the basic reason for the two party system in the United States.  The thinking behind our party system is those with similar preferences will join the group that professes similar principles to their personal choices.  In actual fact, the list between various parties, are more or less the same with the only difference being the ranking of those preferences.

Logic Tree for Democratic Problem Solving

List of Core Values not subject to Compromise





If yes to all, continue.  If no, stop!  The solution is unacceptable.

Principles subject to Compromise


(>2%) Slow growth-----Economy-----Fast Growth (< 2%)

(< 5%) Lower------Employment------Higher (>5%)

Lower Graduation rate-----Education----Higher graduation rate

less clean-----Environment------more clear



In the logic tree of any computer program, if a law or position violates a core value, the analysis stops. 

Additional data, in each areas of compromise, is needed for a computer program to give a solution . The parameters for each issue must be defined, measurable and agreed to for the analysis to continue.  Once the values for each issue are established, this list must also be prioritized in order of importance for the analysis to proceed.  

As difficult as this seems to be, it is considerably easier than working on an answer, 'floating a solution' for review and criticism, only to have it rejected if a part of the solution is not acceptable.  Every solution will have its' critics, but if limits or standards are established, the solution will more likely be acceptable.

In actual fact all problem solving and debate regarding social, domestic or international issues uses this approach with the solution a result of 'attrition' and fatigue, not logic.  The need to experience this procedure is inescapable with the only limitation of a computer analysis is that the answer will come too quickly and easily to be believed and/or trusted.  

The other conclusion from this analysis is the approach, manual or computer, is the only way we deal with any societal issues.  Once the initial step of getting through the acceptance of all the core value issues, the second step, preference process, may be contentious, but peaceful.  

The only one reason to ever to go to war.  It is when the approach stalls in the core value phase.  If there is no agreement on what is Fair, Honest, Integral or Sustainable the only alternative is forcing the loser to comply.  After the war the process will then continue to the preference phase, hopefully resulting in harmony in the management of the society for future generations.


Following is a Position Piece written in August 2014:

Similarities of business and government that lead to parallels in their management. 

  1. Government is owned by the people who hire politicians to be managers, not to be leaders.
  2. Managers must have the experience to know WHEN to do things more than WHAT to do.... it is timing and planning the extended results.
  3. Political leaders exist in Counties like Russia, North Korea or Syria.  They are dictators.
  4. There are two kinds of voters, one wants to hire the best manager the other wants to hire someone to take care of them.
  5. Endorsements must consider what the endorser wants and expects, and the voter identifies with the endorser.  Endorsements and contributions are because they like what I do and not because I will do what they want. 
  6. Politicians must know the difference between investing tax dollars and spending tax dollars.
  7. Problems like prisons, taxes, water or schools must have the question refined and perfected before an acceptable  solution will become obvious to the majority.
  8. Words that show inexperience:
  • Common sense means don't do stuff that has been tried and failed.
  • Entrepreneur is not a compliment, it means an immature business that has not grown up yet.
  • Saying a politician is a leader means they do not know why the Revolution was fought;  we did not want a King. The people are the leaders.
  • Being "experienced in government" does not count as evidence of being competent.  People who do not know business will not realize how poorly it is running now.
  • My opponent says repeatedly that he is  "proud of his accomplishments".  This does not count, as his own opinion doesn't matter.  Is he doing his job?  Others will determine if it is worthy of mention.
  • Government is no place to Learn, that is what you do in school.  This is not student council president position!