Keith Kube

Property Tax

Property taxes will always be too high. This is irritating but not the problem. The real problem with property taxes is they are not fair compared to the unban areas of the state.

The issue became a problem as rapidly rising values of farm property caused a disproportionate treatment between urban and rural families in funding schools. The issue will never be resolved unless the tax law subscribes to the four components necessary for any good law.


National Convention of States

There is a quiet movement happening in country known as a National Constitutional Convention with under tones similar to the Brixit vote in Great Britain.  Supporters like to call it a Convention of States, which sounds less threatening, but the differentiation is a difference without a distinction.  The concept, on the surface, has merits with honest objectives by many supporters but there is another side to this idea that has concerning parallels to a “Trojan Horse”


Trickle Down Economics

With the Federal Tax Bill and the National Debt now major news topics, a phrase that has been bantered around for about 40 years called “Trickle Down Economics” is commonly being mentioned.  It is one of the most misunderstood “tag lines” used to describe modern day economics.  The application of this misunderstanding continues to infect the thinking of the liberal agenda.  It is most often used to impugn economic policies that are thought to be unfair,



At this time of the year, more than any other time, music is the universal form sensory stimulation that brings a rush of reminisces, uplifting spirits and joy to everyone who hears it.

The art form of music does not just happen. It is a result of generations of tradition, practice, parental urgings and hard work that is appreciated by everyone, especially by those who regret not continuing to take music lessons when they had the chance.


National Public Service

As we continue to see examples of apathy, indifference and blatant disrespect for our national traditions like the flag, our anthem, the military and the police we are seeing the symptoms of the infection that impacts the fabric of the entire country.  The problem is a  our citizens are not personally invested enough in the country.  They simply misunderstand what it means to live in the land of the free and the responsibility we all have in supporting the systems that allows us to have liberty and the freedom to exercise it responsibly.


Our Public Libraries

As part of promoting any book, I have been fortunate to tour almost all the libraries in northeast Nebraska as well as many libraries in other states. I have made several observation that are concerning regarding these depositories of written materials.

In the time before the internet and electronic media, our founding fathers had the foresight to build a place where a copy of every book written could be housed.


Taxes and Unintended Consequences

Sky high property Taxes and the unintended consequences that will follow, if not addressed, is very serious problem for rural Nebraska. When addressing any problem, the only things that matter in the analysis are the similarities and finding what dysfunctionality made it into a problem.

History and network news tells us about all the things that went wrong which is about as helpful as using only your rear view mirror to drive a car and never looking at the map.


Perfecting the Question

We live in a world where news is never about the goods things that are happening, but only about things that are wrong or dysfunctional. In looking at health care, the budget, the debt, immigration, tax reform, international security or whether the Russians hacked the election, all these issues are not the actual problem but simply the media “Whining” about symptoms of these dysfunctionalities.